Comment on Why I joined APC –Ayade by THE NOON

Does defection of an incumbent Governor from one political party to another worth celebration? Now what message does the euphoria surrounding the defection of Governor Ayade passing to the world about Nigerian barbaric political culture?.
Until there are moral and legal justification for the way and manners Nigerian political culture allowed defection of members which had raised so many questions of integrity while its political consequences keep on hindered Democratic development because the political instabilities its created often triggered preelection and post election violence of which failure to legally prohibit defection of members of political party at party levels will abruptly end democracy in Nigeria moreover the euphoria that always surrounding the defection of an incumbent Governor or a legislator in Nigeria often gives impression that, Is defection mean an election victory? Since 1999 the political instabilities which defection in Nigeria political culture had caused and its socioeconomic and structural damages created can not be over emphasized where the legal cases in the judiciary concerning defection of members of a political party keep tarnishing the reputation of judiciary when ever they delivered judgment on the legality of the defected members which at time questions the integrity of INEC as electoral body as well wasted the human and material resources in conducting election.
Above all there is no Democratic political parties in Nigeria what really exist were mere political business enterprises, political busybodies, political pressure groups and political chameleons which ideology are anti democracy with an unpatriotic notions of becoming questionably wealthy.

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