Comment on Why i will never support Buhari – Yakasai by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

No true Nigerian in his/her right Democratic reasoning senses, will for any reason, support this militariocray, which Buhari’s Government/administration, since 2015 till date depicts, represents and promotes in Nigeria.

There is obvious practice of the politics of unpatriotism, selfishness and self-centeredness among the Nigerian politicians, especially by the retired military men in politics today in Nigeria.

Elder statesman, Yakasai Tanko has rightly remarked that “most of the military coups in Nigeria were not driven by patriotism, but by selfishness”.

The same cancerous problems of political selfishness, unpatriotism and self-centeredness, among other things, pervades and dominates the current Nigeria political setting and platform, which is among the major reasons why all the well-meaning Nigerians, across all the tribes and cultures, seek for all-inclusive Democratic restructuring of today’s Nigeria political structure/platform on Democratic transparency and honesty, which reflects and promotes all-inclusive social justices, equity, Democratic freedom and social development for all Nigerian citizens, irrespective of tribes, cultures and religious affiliations: across Nigeria, without any form of the corruption of marginalizations, nepotism, brutality and militarization, among other inhuman political behaviours.

It is not any gainsay that the current structure of Nigeria political platform, from the Federal and States Governments, down to the Local Governments, is seriously pervaded with the corruption of all sorts of social injustices by the corrupt politicians, which the Holy Bible simply referred to as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

The political “wolves in sheep clothing” in Nigeria’s current political platform, is subtly promoting all sorts of social injustices against the other Nigerian citizens, which is highly unacceptable in true Democracy!

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