Comment on Why Kalu is best choice for deputy Senate president by Kabiyeze

In as much as South East has just held the post Deputy Senate president, the South South has not held it, it is better conceded to South South. In the sane wise, since the South East has not held the post of Speaker for a very long time, it is better to concede it to them, while Deputy Speaker goes to North Central. There’s no problem leaving Senate presidency in the North East.. By this arrangement every region gets at least the minimal sense of belonging, the North West and South West having already got the President and Vice President. The issue of South West wanting to grab two positions at the expense of South East or South South can only be described as greedy, or if done by the party or the presidency, a calculated attempt to pitch South West against South East as a means of Divide and Rule. South West should resist the attempt to be used. Chief Orji Uzor Kalu should see and accept the best arrangement for the South East irrespective of his personal ambition, else he might be allowing his personal interest to be used to scuttle the overall interest of South East.

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