Comment on Why PDP govs are desperate to join APC — Gov Yahaya Bello by THE NOON

“Many PDP Governors will join APC” What was that has to do with Democratic development? Democracy is all about responsible political opposition in promoting healthy and friendly Democratic society that breaks all ethno religion and regional barriers in setting a political precedent that foster National Unity and create senses of brotherhood where spirits of compatriotism drives political activities which prevailed over all difference and demonstrated that political parties are not really an enemy of each other but a compatriot with difference political ideology of nation building so if Governor Bello is politically and democratically oriented and has very sound and mature political mind he would vividly understand that if every members of PDP including its Governors joined APC, is that a Democratic success? Defenatly a democracy without a resposinble political opposition remained a mere demonstration of foolishness so the barbaric Nigerian political culture of celebration of defected members of a political parties and its notions of counting it as political success without visualize the Democratic importance of opposition political parties as political partner in progress confirmed the fact that many so called Nigerians politicians upon their claimed of been educated home and abroad still needed political and Democratic orientation before democracy will determined socioeconomic and political development in Nigeria because most of them are not democratically qualified to be elected as Governor, Legislature and President

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