Comment on Why sharia council reject power rotation– Baba Ahmed by Dr Uche Kalu

Alhaji Baba Ahmed comes across here as a specialist without a common denomination.
I wonder where that reprobate got his Dr. Title?
He seems not to know that Hebrew Religion existed for thousands of years before his crack pot religion of peace,Islam, came into existence.
Our Christian Religion also existed for 6 hundred years before Islam came to be.
Having said that however,I would very much like to refresh Mallam Baba Ahmed memory on the history of Sharia in Nigeria.
It was Governor Ahmed Sani Yerima Bakura of Zamfara State,who first inaugurated
Sharia in his State.
According to Guardian’ Newspaper’s report of August 27th 2001,Mallam Muhmmdu Buhari did then convene an Islamic Seminar on Shari in Kaduna.
In his openning adddres,the Convener Buhari,did thus declare,’ quote,” I will continue to
show openly and inside me my total commitment to Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria.Allah willing we will not stop the agitations for the total implimentation of Sharia in the country ”, unqoute.
Then at the behest Mallam Muhammadu Buhari, the Sharia State Governors did not only form their Nigerian Sharia Movement with Alhaji Ibrahim Datti Ahmed as the Chairman and the Rag-head Sultan of Sokoto , Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar as its
Spiritual Leader,they also recuited,nurtured and síred their various Boko Haram Members
as the custodians of their Sharia-jurisprudence.
It was the erstwhile Governor of Borno State, Mallam Ali Modu Sheriff,who later brought all the various State Boko Haram Members under the Leadership of the late Imam Mohammed Jusif,who was extra-judicially murdered in jail and indeed in cold blood .
How could Mallam Baba Ahmed ever justify the trial of hundreds Christians,prominent
among them was Gideon Orkah,a rich Kano merchant, in sharia courts and their barbaric
and brutal fates of their being beheaded alife like goats?
How on éarth could any sane person justify the barbaric , evil and wicked beheading of our Igbo daughter,Madame Bridget Agbahieme in Kano a couple of years ago’. The perpetrators of that brabaric and heinous act were later freed by a Sharia Court
By the way ,what is really Sharia?
It is a Writ or rather a sort of Islamic Commandments like our Christian Ten Commandments, which is garnished with medieval traditional values ,customs and traditions of the nomadic and primitive Desert Arabs.
I wonder why the likes of Baba Ahmed still believe that we Christians can for ever be turning our other cheeks to them,while both the members of their Boko Haram and MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen and Militias continue to slaughter us daily?
The former,the Boko Haram have been on their Jihad for about two decades now,while
the latter, Fulani herders and Militias last years killed more Nigerians than the former.
Of course, the Prophet of the muslims,Mohammed was after all a warlord, a bandit ,a terrorist and a very very bad man indeed.
With such as a mindset and defiance as expressed by Mallam Baba Ahmed above, one can only understand that he is daring us to take action in reprisal.
However, if indeed President Buhari is really serious bout his not allowing religion divide
the country,the onus is now upon him to make haste and do the needful.
This country must be restructured and urgently too.
The Abokis must also dismantly their anachronistic Caliphate of Sokoto,abrogate their
fucking imposition of Sharia upon us Christians, and also pull our country from our
OIC,C8 and C15 Islamic Organizations.
Without that,then ”Si vis pacem para bellum”.
Not to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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