Comment on Why we banned open grazing in Southern Nigeria –Akeredolu by Ochendo

Whatever the arguments are, cattle herding is a private is now a topical issue even more than developmental projects that ought to preoccupy the actions of the governments.why? -because of the body language of mr president which indirectly gives impetus to the criminalities of the herders as a matter of kit and kin affair. -because the presidency was bent on forcing cattle colonies across the federation and therefore conceived a RUGA bill which got renamed and reintroduced after successive failures.the latest backdoor is the live stock transformation agenda to make it look like a federal agric project.PURE DECEIT!!! – following from the above the herders got more emboldened in their havoc with intent to use crime to force the states adopt RUGA. -because the law enforcement agencies never gave the desire punch in the arrest and prosecution of the killer herders. Today the clamoring for government to finance this private business is high.unfortunately,at the level of governors forum they fail for it.let it be known that some other business groups may come up with violence and make the same demand from government.this is one pitfall of the resolutions. I have read some debates that the southern governors did not consult the fulani leaders before the decision banning open grazing;and indeed they MUST provide alternative.when alcoholic drinks/beverages were banned and consequently destroyed in the north,who and who from the leaders of the PRIVATE BUSINESSES and the breweries were consulted.Hisbah in now more powerful than the conventional police and have gone unchecked in their abuse and frustrating genuine means of livelihood of some people.who and who were consulted before the islamic police was introduced.the northern elites MUST stop their audacious insults in the name of commenting on national issues. I may not say national dialogue is not necessary if the top agenda will be separation on a round table otherwise the resolutions of the national conference are there gathering dust. Pls,let the governors give teeth to their resolutions as quickly as doubt,some governors afraid of their shadows may want to sabotage this. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ONE NATION AND SHALL NEVER BE.

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