Comment on Why we created new emirate councils in Kano –Ganduje by THE NOON

“Kano was too big in size and population” does Kano bigger than the UK where its long historical kingdom’s ruled major geographical parts of Europe and now wanted to quit its political and economy membership of EU?. Appealing to a mere political emirs that they should assist government on areas they lacked jurisdiction was a mere mockery of traditional institutions and an assault to cultural and traditional values which traditional rulers are the custodians. Appealing to emirs to assist government also confirmed that Governor Ganduje has turned traditional rulers to a politicians because his motives clearly created senses of absolute ignorance of what traditional councils really all about while these nature of abused of power remained a bad omen to democracy that was expected to add value to Nigerian heritage. How could traditional rulers that lacked constitutional role assist government fairly? How could a traditional institutions that relied on government on matters which does not primarily concerns politicians be fair?. The Nigerian Monarchy had suffered physical and psychological punishment since 1999 from many Bastard elected Governors and these also was a symptoms of a sickness of a society which defined Nigerian political culture moreover destroying the monarchy which thousands of people died just to ensure its stand firm which remained their legacies show that failure to give Nigeria traditional institutions a chapter in the constitution that will guaranteed true separation of power between monarchy structure and government structure like that of France, England and Netherlands Democracy in Nigeria will be swallowed by barbaric political culture and every will be war.

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