Comment on Why we’re in South East –Miyetti Allah by Dr Uche Kalu

Of course, the Nama people can transport their Efi-Nama to the South East
and sell them to our butchers.
But that is not the case in this particular context.
Quite contrary to the ”Taqiyya” that Sheikh Gidado Siddiki dished out above
about the MACBAN being in our South East to do business,the MACBAN ‘s
Fulani Herdsmen are currently occupying permanently and illegally too,over
60 locations in our Igbo farmlands not in cattle markets.
Threrefore,the Fulanis are not in our South East to do business but they are
rather on a ” Futahat” Campaign.
Well, according to the Secretary General of MACBAN, Alhaji Saleh Al-Hassan,
quote,” The land of all Nigeria belongs to the Fulanis.And we ask all the
Fulanis living in all West Africa to come and help us conquer Nigeria.
We have accumulated large amount of money and weapons for the war
etc ,etc —-” unquote.
”Futahat” is a Qur’anic Teaching,that Allah the god of the muslims
bequeathed the entire world and everything therein to the muslims only
to inherit.
Thus,the Fulani herders have not only occupied our lands since Mallam
Muhammadu Buhari became the President of Nigeria.
They are destroying our farms and crops, sacking and pillaging our villages,
farmsteds and hamlets,gang raping our daughters and women folks,killing
those ,who dare stand on their ways, polluting our land,rivers and streams
with cow dungs urines and humman wastes and are bringing along with
them and their cattle Tse tse flies, Ticks and Karikwata invasions of our
They are also the cause of the following sicknesses,which are alien to
1. Lime disease, caused by the bites of Ticks which carry bacteria
belonging to genus Borrelia.
2. Trypanosomiasis causes by the bites of Tse tse flies with its
concomitant Sleeping Sickness and Sokungu (Fulbe for mental disorder).
3. Salmonellosis,Cholera, Dysentery ,Typhoid fever et al ;caused by the
pollution of our farmlands,rivers and streams with cow dungs,urines
and human wastes.
4. The filthy,uncircumcised and unvaccinated nomadic alien Fulanis will
also be infectIng us with the following diseases and sicknesses, namely;
Chicken,Cow and Monkey Pox , Lassa Fever,Leprosy, Measles,Mumps
Pertussis (Whooping cough), Poliomyelitis, TB, you name the rest of
Ndigbo survived the pogroms of 1966 against us by the Fulanis and their
Hausa/Kanuri muslim mongrel allies,we did survive also the
1967- 1970 Pol Pots Yakubu Gown’s War of Genocide against us and
currently today,the barbaric,bellicose murderous Fulanis are on their
Jihad,Futahat Cmapaig and Bactrio-Virological war against us in order to
Fulanize , Islamize and take over our ancestral lands.
Ndigbo chenu echiche!
Kpum bu ogu!!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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