Comment on Wike calls for establishment of state police  by THE NOON

State police or not State police, the real security situations of Nigeria internal security shows total bad Democratic governance and very poor Democratic leadership at all levels because bad Democratic governance created political environment where crimes and criminality becomes driving forces of its barbaric political culture while poor Democratic leadership remained the failure of a leader at all levels to proffered meaningful solutions to societal problems however it was globally acceptable that crime rates during military era in Nigeria was very low and protection of lives and properties were guaranteed while internal security mechanism gain the trust of the people so why is crime rates in Nigeria continue taking difference barbaric and tribal/religion dimensions since 1999?. How could state police be the solutions when the legacies of the military was discredited? How could an undefined state police be a solution when internal security matters are subject of Muslims Vs Christian, North Vs South, Fulani’s/Herdsmen Vs Farmer I.e Farmer Vs Farmer and security Vs security these unwarranted ugly internal security situations of Nigeria never happened during military era moreover the records were there for patriotic Nigerians to reflect vividly that if We don’t Know Where We are going We should definitely Know where We are coming from because this is not a Democracy but a clear Demonstration of division of Nigeria.

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