Comment on Wike in the eye of history by Dr Uche Kalu

Let that bloody and silly brown envelope Journalist,Mazi Dan Onwukwe go
on lavishing his adulations on Governor Nwaike (Wike) and clothing him
with some borrowed robes.
But that Ikwere Quisiling,Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike still has got a
stone to grind with us Ndigbo.
He led his Ikwere Militias and some contigents of the Nigerian Armed
Forces and the Police armed with army tanks and helicopter gunships to
invade Obigbo Local Government Area of his State.
Hundreds of our unarmed Igbo Youths were slaughtered in cold blood and
over 500 hundreds of them were taken as hostages and were transported
to Abuja and Niger State.
Just last week,only 70 of them were released in Abuja,while over 400 of
them have remained unacounted for so far.
Governor Wike can be rest assured that with his above action, he did for
sure incur a debt repayable one day in kind no matter how long it takes.
”Ndigbo ga agwazi ochu.Iwu ! ”

Source: news

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