Comment on Willie Obiano’s strides by DR Uche Kalu

Governor Willie Obiano’s strides without a guarantee for the safety of life and
property of his Anambra citizens is simply an utter hogwash.
His deal with the MACBAN Sheikhs,whereby the life of an Anambra man or
woman equals the life of a fucking Fulani alien or his worthless Zebu Cow, is indeed a crime against humanity.
That makes us Biafran Veterans,who once laid down our lives in defence
of our Noble Igbo Folks against those Nigerian Vandals and Savages very very mad indeed.
Hasn’t Mazi Willie Obiano ever heard of a Great Biafran Hero, Corpral
Nwafor,who laid down his life in capturing a Nigerian Tank and thereby
saved the lives of hundreds of his Noble and Gallant Biafran Comrades?
We Biafrans indeed saved our Igbo Folks from Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon’s
War of Genocide agaist Ndigbo.
”Gbo Nwa Obiano!Kpachara anya gi ,maka na i na achu anyi Ndigbo ife.
Ndigbo ga agwanu ochu.Ofo!!”
Governor Obiano does owe our IPOB Youths an unreserved apologies for his misguided gaff,which indeed borders on a faux pas.
After all,he does owe his governorship to our IPOB Youths.
The ealier Governor Willie Obiano rescinded or called off his deal with those
barbaric Fulani savages of MACBAN,the better for him and his purported strides in Anambra State.
The ealier he borrowed a leaf from his erstwhile counterpart ,the Great Son of Oduduwa,Chief Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State ,the better for us all.
”Anam ewu.Lol!

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