Comment on With Hate Speech law, Fulani haters in trouble – Myetti Allah Boss, Bodejo by Pascal Chimezie

One thing I like Buhari government for is that it has taught politicians from other regions how best to rule a country like Nigeria. It is a big lesson for those who cared to learn, and not carried away by the stupid slogan of “One Nigeria.” My prayer is that anytime, any year, any century the Hausa/Fulani people will manage to give out power those who will receive it from other regions will not only follow in the footsteps of President Muhammadu Buhari, but also surpass his nepotistic, clannish and parochial self interest. They should love their people die, even if their people are the most hopeless and foolish people. They must enact a law that compels other regions to give out land, houses, government appointments and so on to his own people! I wish I become the President!

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