Comment on Xenophobia: This nonsense in South Africa must stop –CAN president by THE NOON

The global socioeconomy, political and security tension in differences unjustifiable names directly questioned the position of U.N while these made people to remember the prophecy of late Fela Kuti who said ” Who and who unite for the united nation ” U.S vs China, Britain vs E.U, Hongkong vs China, Japan vs Korea, India vs Pakistan and many preventable protest in many developing countries that characterized media always ask foundamental questions of what is U.N doing in preventing these 21st century unwarranted psychological crisis? Or is United Nation all about being a mere puppet of America? So when Fela said” Animal dey Wear agbada, animal dey wear suit people though he was saying rubbish however is the reality not manifesting now? . The south Africans has no moral justification for xenophobic attack on their African brothers because their alleged excuses were mainly problems of many Africans nations which their poverty situations worsened than south Africans however it was generally acceptable that South Africa standards of living, infrastructure and economy was far better than many African country and still these countries in questions did not embark on xenophobic movement so why south Africa that are rich than many African countries embarked on xenophobic movement?. Nigeria government should apply Democratic principle on this matter by ensure Democratic process because African Unity should prevailed.

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