Comment on Xenophobia: Why South Africans attack Nigerians by THE NOON

This ugly situations will surely becomes history but what legacies is Africans bequeathing to future generation? If late Bob Marley could awakened the spirits of Africans brotherhood as well created senses of common Africans destiny, senses of where we are coming from, where we are, and where we should be going as united people that suffered the ordeal of slave trade, agony of colonialism and an imposition of a system of government and its culture of post independent era of indirect rule of Africans so when would the dreams of the late rasta prophet be actualised? The messianic message in “Africa Unite” (Unite for the benefit of your children). No matter what happened South Africans are still our brother by blood, Flesh and spirits because history confirmed that Africans are ONE by virtue of how they together suffered the ordeal of slave trade and colonialism these ugly effects and its culture continued bad influence our true Africans ways of lives in creating many unwarranted protests against ourselves which the colonial masters are the beneficiary however Mr Fani kayode and Mr Gbolade oshinowo opinions on this issue shows a cleared slavish mentality and a total failure to emancipate themselves from mental slavery and free their mind from the bondages which western education put them moreover Africans Leaders should realized it is time for them to embraced a democratic systems that will promote Africans values, heritage and principles where Africans moral culture, unity and common economy goals and prosperity will be giving priority over western colonial ideology therefore if South Africa and Nigeria engage in war would fani kayode and oshinowo children benefit from it?. The late Gaddafi of Libya leadership legacies remained what united Africans, Africa could have becomes war zones continent by now which people like Fani kayode and oshinowo could have run to their ancestors Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

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