Comment on Yoruba leaders kick against open grazing by THE NOON

The whole world are not really cleared with the position of the south West Governors on the matters of Fulani herdsmen because Is the rearing of cattles the major problem? Or the Fulani’s as a tribe?. Politicizing the herdsman’s issues which historically was a long term problems of agricultural sector in Nigeria of which its socioeconomic consequence would badly had to already problems of food security however failure to admitted the economy fact on the unwarranted escalation of Fulani herdman’s and unjustifiable labelling Fulani tribe showed that the hatred was directed to the tribe not cows because the south West region are the highest consumers of cow mean which were neither from China nor America but made from Fulani’s and contributed significantly to Nigerian GDP of which its featured on Nigerian Banknotes as part of Its economy heritage.

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