Comment on Yoruba nation campaign: ICC acknowledges petition against top govt officials, others by Dr Uche Kalu

Thanks to the Almighty God that at last the Great Oduduwa people have
done what our Leaders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo ought to have done since
Prof. George Obiozor, the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is hereby
called upon to immediately borrow a leaf from our Great Kwa (Qua)
Cousins,the Yoirubas.
Our Noble Son and Great Avatar,Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,who is currently
languishing in President Buhari’s Gulag must be set free immediately.
General (Rtd) Buhari as an Officer in command of the 2nd Brigade of the
1st Division of the Nigerian Army, during the Biafran – Nigerian War of
1967-170, did along with Officers and Men under his command commit
the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity at Afikpo (Ebony State
of today) theatre of that War.
In such crimes against humanity,there is no Statute of Limitations.
Today the Igbophobe, President Buhari , who loves to hate us Ndigbo
with passion,seems to have started from where he left off with us Ndigbo
during the war.
The following are some excerpts;
1.On the 30th of May 2016,at the behest of President Buhari the Nigerian
Army and the Police armed with some helicopter gunships and Army
tanks invaded Igboland.
From Niger Bridgehead in Asaba City to Port Harcourt, the Army and the
Police in their wake slaughtered in cold blood, hundreds of our flagbearing,
non-violent and unarmed Milllennials of IPOB in Cities and Towns of the
South East and parts of the South South.
Over 700 of our Youths taken as hostages by the Army and the Police
have not been heard of up till today.
2. In 2017 through 2018 President Buhari ordered the Army to launch his
gobbledygook Python Dance i,ii,and iii Military Campaigns against our
IPOB Youths.He had before then designated them as a Terrorist Group.
As usual hundreds of our innocent and unarmed Igbo children were
simply massacred in cold blood and over 250 of them taken away by the invaders have remained unaccounted for up till today.
3.Our Igbo Youths have been subjects of arbitrary arrests and are locked
up,while their famiies are forced by the Army and Police to pay huge sums
of money for their upkeeps.
4.Since President Buhari took over the Presidency in 2015,he has simply placed our Igbland under siege.
There are Army and Police checkpoints and roadblocks on our highways,
every 10 kilometers and at road-junctions.
Igbo travellers and motorists are harassed and forced to pay tolls or they
get shot if they dare refuse to pay.
5.The Army and the Police are under a standing order to shoot-at – sight on
any suspected terrorists,even though there are no terrorists in Igboland.
6. There is a deployment of the so called ” Unknown Gunmen”,who in reality
are DSS 5th Column Units.
The Unknown Gunmen have been attacking Custodian Centers,INEC
Offices,Police Stations and Security Personnels and laying the blame on our
Eastern Security Network (ESN), as an excuse for the ongoing invasions
of our Igbo Communities.
They have recently been such invasions in Orlu ,Imo State,Ohafia in Abia
and Obigbo in the Rivers State; resulting in killings of our innocent people
and utter destructions of human efforts and property.
It is about time our Ohanaeze Ndigbo Leadership dragged the Igbophobe,
President Buhari and his Janjaweed Army and Police Commnders, his
DDS Gestapo Morons and Bogeymen before the ICC at the Hague in the
” Ndigbo ga agwazinu ochu.Iwu!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of th rising Sun!!

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