Comment on … Youths hail new joint outfit as Uwazuruike brands ESN social media network by Alain

Mr. Uwazuruike April fool, ESN must stand OK. Now, take your Pound Sterling to your zoo politicians and die with them. We are done with the Fulani and nothing will make us lives with murderers. You called them governors, but I called them states tax collectors. They can’t sell our private parts anymore. The Fulani army agents are coming to kill you soon and once they do, they will say I did. You must be very ashamed to remain in this dirty game for so long when your people are being killed like flies every day. My Lord my God, if you are the one who made the 10 commandment enforce it right now on those evil doers in Jesus name, Amen. God if really you love innocent children and you detest evil then judge the entire world now. Please don’t wait till I die, judge them now.

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