Core values of charity work is selflessness – Johnson

“Our core objective is to take service to all corners of Anthony Village and environs since Lions club is a community-based association.”

Christine Onwuachumba

Mrs Chinyelu Samuel-Johnson has been sworn in as the first charter president of the Emerald Lion’s club, Anthony village, Lagos.

The event, which was held at the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja, Lagos had all the trappings of a society event. It has officially set the club on a sound footing to execute its projects aimed at raising fund for some projects Mrs. Johnson spoke to Daily Sun after the investiture ceremony.

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What informed your decision to become the first president of this club?

I have always believed that what is worth doing at all is what doing well. I had thought that my job as a banker would inhibit would slow me down in carrying out my duties. However, the urge to reach out to the less privileged in the society, serve the poor, simply brought me to the realization that my profession should not deter from the service.” It is rewarding to serve humanity.

What is the essence of organizing this club?

It was put together in a bid to provide service to the Anthony community. This investiture ceremony doubles as a fundraiser and donations realized will be used to aid our new club in executing a number of projects. It is aimed at fostering a spirit of friendship within the community by organizing community-based activities. Achieving what will benefit the people and touch lives positively is our ultimate goal

The projects includes sponsoring 50 cataract surgeries at the cost of N50, 000 each, in partnership with the Eye Foundation Hospital, Lagos. The donation of 200 hospital bed sheets to three General hospitals as well as to offset the medical bills of indigent patients who cannot afford to pay their bills. The club will also construct two modern toilets with a steady supply of water in a poor neighbourhood amongst other activities

What are your club’s objectives?

Our core objective is to take service to all corners of Anthony Village and environs since Lions club is a community-based association.

We need to find people of like minds to join because the more the members, the more the more services rendered and fresh ideas for new projects spring up and shared.

What are your goals?

My goal is to establish a lasting relationship with the community and to train the youth to become future leaders through our empowerment programs. We also wish bring succour to the needy and continue to fight preventable blindness.

Who are your targets as prospective members?

We appeal to individuals with a passion for service; who are courageous enough to part with funds that will not benefit them. You require passion for selfless service because charity work requires time, resources and your intellect.

What are the mistakes of charity organisations like yours and how do you intend to avoid them?

The greatest mistake is to invite people who are neither prepared nor have the passion to serve humanity, but who would rather join the club for the wrong reasons (either to socialize or travel out). The club intends to carefully invite members of like minds who join the club for the sole purpose of serving humanity.

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