Corruption fight: Buhari boxing the air – SDP chieftain

Okwe Obi, Abuja

A chieftain of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and a presidential aspirant, John Dara, has described President Muhammedu Buhari’s fight against corruption as merely ‘boxing the air.’

Dara, who contested the 2011 presidential election, stated this, on Friday, when he picked the SDP nomination form at the party’s secretariat, in Abuja.

When elected president, he promised to fight corruption comprehensively devoid of party affiliation or consanguinity.

“You must adopt a holistic approach. It is not enough to catch a thief, you must find out what is the cause of corruption in Nigeria.

“A situation where workers are not being paid living wages and you say you are fighting corruption then you are just boxing in the air, you are fighting the shadow of corruption.

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“The truth is that corruption has causes. We must close the taps of corruption and ensure that all Nigerians will unite to fight corruption,’ he added.

He said that defeating president Buhari will not be a rocket science, also adding that women and youth would come first in his government.

“It is not difficult to defeat President Buhari today. The youths have every reason to be discouraged and almost give up on the country.

“But, it shows the resilience of the youths that they have bounced back and made themselves a force to be reckon with.

“I am the bridge between the very old and the very young; the north and the south. I understand these yearnings and my goal is to get the youths and women to take charge of the commanding height of the polity of Nigeria.

“The truth is that any nation that is being run by people who are too old, weak and sick cannot fulfill our destiny.

“And therefore the young people in Nigeria who are excelling in every field of endeavour should be brought on board, the same thing with the women.

“I am excited that a nation like Rwanda has 50 per cent of its parliament populated by women.

“I see no reason why we should not consciously engineer our polity in such a manner women would find it easy to participate, compete and to win.

“And I believe that only when women are fully mobilised before we can get our best,” he argued.

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