From Timothy Olanrewaju, Maiduguri

Covid-19 vaccine greatly help in protecting people especially against the severe impact of coronavirus in the body of infected persons, medical experts said.

Unicef Health Manager in Maiduguri, Dr Clement Adams told The Sun in an interview the vaccine helps in fighting the virus and building more resistance against severe cases.

“Covid-19 is still with us. Therefore, people should continue to take all measures including washing their hands, covering their mouth and noises especially when in the midst of others,’ he advised.

He said Covid-19 predisposes infected persons to a number of other health challenges. That’s why it is important people protect themselves so they don’t get coronavirus,” he added.

He maintained that history has shown that vaccines remain the potent antidote against epidemic, virus like polio disease outbreak such as measles, yellow fever among others.

He reminded that people with existing medical condition are more at risk especially with lots of health challenges affecting people.

“The chances of death become higher in people with underlining medical condition when they get coronavirus

“This mean If you don’t take the vaccine, you waste the chances of survival because the virus worsen their case,” he disclosed.

Dr Richard Lako, World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Northeast Emergency Manager said researches priced vaccine as greater response to reduce deaths and high population of unhealthy people.

“Those who are yet to rake the vaccine should do so. It is particularly important for the northeast people that have been experiencing conflict with humanitarian challenges and health issues,” he said at a recent sensitization training with health reporters

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