Daughters of Destiny Convention, a yearly event of the women wing of LoveBase Assembly, FESTAC town is marking 20 years of ministering to women from all facets of life, including singles, married, widows and even the less privileged in the society.
The program schedule to hold at the church auditorium is tagged  “Divine Acceleration.,” 
The convener, Pastor Mrs. Ruth Iwunze, wife of the founder of Love Base Assembly, Rev  Mike Iwunze, said the topic: “Divine Acceleration” is what God reveals as the theme for the convention.
Iwunze said the speakers who would minister at the convention are women that God has blessed with divine speed.
According to her, the theme she had in mind was ‘Women with a Priceless Gift’ but the Holy Spirit ministered to her during a morning devotion to change the theme to Divine Acceleration. 
She noted that she got the message that Divine Acceleration would be her portion as a person, the church would encounter Divine Acceleration and also the women are not left behind in this great move of acceleration.
Slated for November 25 and 28, expected speakers are Esther Ajayi, Juanita Nwendu, Nneoma Okorocha and Jane Onaolapo,
“Look at mummy Esther Ajayi, you will see that God has given her divine speed, she has overtaken those who were in the ministry before her. For Bishop Juanita, you will see that God has helped her and also given her divine speed. Nneoma Okorocha is a strong woman, a prayer warrior and she’s a woman of God, God has been faithful to her. Look at Rev, Anuolapo, she’s a woman of faith. She has had challenges and she has won, conquered and stood still,” she said.

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