Defending Jonathan: Badero Olusola

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Defending Jonathan, his achievements and his mistakes, doesn’t make one a PDP member. In fact, 90% of those defending him on the social media don’t even like PDP. I don’t like PDP. But with the virulent and sadistic way those supporting APC and Buhari want to blur our psyche with lies and half truths, sworn to present his tenure as the worst in Nigerian history, despite our education and exposures; making his achievements seems more like NOTHING; and wherever they couldn’t fault him, they just raise their outdated satire of “he stole more than he spent to build”, without at first reminding us of where we were coming from before his presidency.

In the process, many of us have been made to turn blind eyes to whatever good the new government may have to offer.
You can’t expect your own candle to shine brighter while blowing another man’s dead.
• He said he built schools for the Almajiris in the north – it’s a fact!
• He said he increased minimum wage from a paltry N7,500 to N18,000 – that’s a fact
• He said he built more universities than any other president in history – that’s a fact
• He said he created more jobs during his tenure – that’s so true
• He said he built new rail line after 38 years and also bought coaches to run on them – he was right
• He said he bought weapons to fight Boko haram – he was telling the truth
• When Americans won’t sell weapons to Nigeria because of a petition by the opposition that he was planning to arm his secret police to kill them, he went to Russia and you all saw the weapons supplied us – this is also very true
• He said he increased power generation and distribution during his time – he was very right
• He said he upgraded all our local and international airports – he was telling the truth
• He said no Nigerian blood is worth spilling for his reelection – he was right as well , no blood of anyone was spilled for Jonathan
• He said he didn’t award any arms contract worth $2billion – he is telling the truth
• Nigerian economy became the largest and number one in Africa under him – that’s not a ruse
But all you want to throw at our faces is how Dasuki shared arms procurement money – is that all you can point at in Jonathan’s presidency?

Now when someone like me reminds you of all of these, the next thing is to tag me a PDP member – how stupid is that if you may ask yourself?
Nation building is a continuous process.
Babangida overthrown Buhari in 1985 because of human right abuses and economic destruction that characterised his 20 months stint at the helms.
You don’t condemn the past to build the new. If you do, you will soon be in the past yourself and be condemned too. And who will suffer the whole condemnations the more? The masses! because  you will never build anything new that won’t be later condemned and abandoned.


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