Desperate To Make A First Class?: “5 Stress-Free Ways On How I Made 4.77 CGPA”

Yes, i made 4.77 GPA and you too can make it and even surpass this feat. It is not a rocket science. It is possible to achieve, but the question you should ask yourself is, are you desperate enough? Follow me closely and take your time to digest every single word:

Unlike in the past, first class students are beginning to struggle even to keep up with their average students counterpart and the reason for this unfortunate incidence is not far-fetched.

Some people believe it is due to shady examination malpractices being perpetuated by this same supposed first class students. Some other people also believe it is as a result of declining education standard in which cramming and other unproductive academic exercises are being encouraged. Whatever the reasons are, the fact still remains that education standard is declining globally and unless a proactive step is taken, we should not be surprise if true education goes into oblivion.


So, back to the main agenda, what does it take to be a first class student? Or better still, how can i be an outstanding student? Ho! I’m sorry. If you are expecting me to roll out some principles like focus, determination, Big dream among others as tips for making first class. Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not going to be going that. But mind you, am not totally discarding those principles. They sometimes work, but not in all circumstance. Rather than bore you with 14 principles for achieving outstanding success in your academics, I will rather suggest we work out some practicable tips for making first class because experience has shown that these principles lack empirical backing – not practicable.

At one point in our lifetime we’ve all tried to be focused and unwavering in our pursuit for academic excellence. But at the end, what achievement have we made? On this note, these are some practicable proven tips that worked for me and will definitely work for you in your pursuit for academic success:
Let’s kick the ball rolling!

The God Factor

Yes! You need God to achieve first class and virtually everything in life. You should however understand that am not here to preach to you as a Christian, or Muslim, or any religion whatsoever. But what am basically saying is that, we all need a supreme being to look up to; someone to trust in completely especially in critical moment of our life. There are some things you can’t just achieve with your physical strength, therefore, the need for a spiritual backup. Trust in God and he will make your first class a reality.

Build a System around You

This is exactly what you need. To achieve this seemingly impossible academic feat (first class), there is a need for you to build a formidable system around you that will propel you to match action with words and make success an habit for you.

What then do I means by a system? “A system in this context is a daily activity engaged in by people over time in order to produce a sort of cultural feelings around it. A system is what you do over and over again until it becomes a part and parcel of you. To achieve first class, you need to engage in perpetual activity of reading on a daily basis until it becomes your second nature so much that when you did not read for a day, you feel like something is missing inside you- like you’ve not brush for a day.

Building a system around you is about contributing to your success bit by bit on a daily basis. Just like the popular saying goes, “success is not a day job. It’s a daily job. It takes a formidable system to achieve first class. Have tried it and it worked.

Crave Knowledge, Not First Class

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t pursue first class with vigor and tenacity. My point is that, if only you can give knowledge priority, first class will come automatically. And besides, you lose nothing if you did not eventually hit your target. After all, you’ve gained more knowledge in the process which in itself priceless. Simply put, knowledge should be your watchword, not first class.

Know Thyself

Knowing yourself is about conducting some sort of SWOT analysis on yourself to give room for self evaluation and self assessment. Ask yourself questions like, what are my strengths and weaknesses? How can I maximize opportunities and minimize threats? All these questions will help you in knowing yourself better and how best to position yourself for outstanding success. For instance, I know myself to be a procrastinator and I minimize this weakness by giving myself a deadline. With a deadline, I know I have to deliver within the stipulated time. Setting a deadline also makes me more accountable to myself. So, when you know yourself, you will discover that making first class is as easy as drinking a cup of tea.

Teach, Teach, and Teach

This is the bottom line of all academic excellence. Research has shown that teaching is perhaps the best way of learning. Teaching is a way of imparting knowledge into people. By imparting knowledge, you are consciously giving more knowledge in the process. So, teaching is the best tool you can use to aid your understanding and by extension, your potential of being a first class.
I’m passionate about teaching. Are you? You can share your view by simply commenting.

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