By Olakunle Olafioye

Popular seer, Prophet Wale Olagunju has declared that the arrest and detention of Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho and the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafran, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, would in no way hamper Nigeria’s disintegration. 

The seer who had repeatedly foretold Nigeria’s breakup, which he described as inevitable, said that the only solution to the hardship confronting Nigerians now, is a break-up.

The man of God who claimed to have recently visited Cotonou, the capital of Republic of Benin, on a divine assignment to Sunday Adeyemo who is being held in prison in the neighbouring African country debunked some of the rumours being peddled about the freedom fighter, revealing that Igboho has given his life to Christ.

In this interview, Prophet Olagunju in charge of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries, Sasa, Ojoo, Ibadan speaks more on other issues of national significance.

It has been over two decades now since you claimed to have received divine instruction to stop taking your bath. Have you started having your bath now?

No sir. I have never taken my bath. The fact of the case is that I have a divine mission to accomplish on earth.  I am one of the few prophets who must pay a price to accomplish their mission, So, what I am paying  is a price for  my mission.

Despite the fact that you have not taken your bath for more than two decades, you are looking fresh, what is the secret?

In the Holy Bible, specifically in the book of Leviticus, God commanded human beings to take their bath. So, if I am doing it without specific instruction from God, it would be difficult. But since I am doing it in obedience to God to accomplish a specific purpose for Him, it becomes very easy. When God gives instruction it is for us to live in total obedience to Him not considering how it would be possible, it is the responsibility of God to work it out. So, when God instructed and I obeyed, He worked it out for me and made what is humanly impossible, possible for me. If God should instruct me to take my bath tomorrow, I am ready, and if God decides to leave me like this not to take my bath till I leave the planet earth, my case is like the wordings of that song: “I am thine oh Lord.”

Nigerians are lamenting the hardship in the country. What  in your own view, what do you consider as  the way out?

The fact is that things are not going well. There is serious hardship in the country, there is corruption in all facets and my people, the prophets in Nigeria, are also not helping matters. They have woefully failed God and God’s people simply because of wealth and materialism. They have, unlike prophets of the Bible, decided to close their eyes to all forms of injustices in the country. What were the sins of the prophets in the Bible that made the kings of their time to hunt for their lives? It was simply because they refused to play along with the government; they spoke out against ungodliness, and they spoke to condemn bad governance. But in Nigeria, we have pulpit men who maintain sinful silence in the face of tyranny and fail in their responsibilities to tell those in power, the looters, the gospel truth. So, in Nigeria today, there is injustice, killing of innocent and corruption, yet the government is doing nothing. So, as far as I am concerned, the number one citizen, Buhari has been a horrible representative of our country. Buhari is ruling the country in a manner a racist would, using divide and destroy tactic in a military manner, whereas all ethnic groups in the country had been living together in a peaceful manner before the advent of Buhari. So the way out now, to me, is total break up. You see, the Awolowos, Azikwes, Balewas, Ahmadu Bellos and even the military, they all searched for solutions, which they could not get. They lost their lives searching for that solution. So to me, searching for solution now is mere waste of time and resources. The solution to Nigeria current hardship and problems lies in total break up; let everybody go their own way, to say Buhari is fixing Nigeria where law and order is non-existent is a blatant lie. It is just an attempt to keep Nigerians in perpetual slavery.

Do you see presidency coming to the South in 2023 considering the body language of the two dominant political parties in Nigeria?

In my 2016 prediction as published by Sunday Sun, it was clearly stated that Presidency would remain in the North for 12 solid years. Looking at the two major political parties zoning their party chairmanship positions to the North and leaving the presidential primaries an open contest, the northerners will always have upper hand. So, if the APC should now pick a southerner, it will lose. That means the two parties will eventually pick northerners as their flag bearers, leaving Nigerians with the option of voting for either of the two northerners. You could now see the failure of myopic leaders. So to me, as a Christian, in every notion, God is not partial. Tinubu or any Yoruba citizen ought not to contest the presidency. They should support the Igbo. It is the turn of the Igbo. Are Igbo not part of Nigeria? Why are they marginalizing them? We need to allow them to take their own shot at the presidency. They have capable hands that are also qualified to rule Nigeria.

On the agitation for Yoruba nation, What is the situation now as revealed to you by God?

The Bible says in the beginning God created heaven and earth, Nigerian nation belongs to God. So the air, the land and the people belong to God Almighty. So breaking up of any land has been on for long and will continue till eternity. Even, Israel, USSR, Pakistan, Arab and many African countries have broken up. So, Nigeria will definitely break up whether our myopic leaders like it or not, in their own life time or after them, Nigeria’s break up is inevitable. So I am still wondering why these leaders could not put their head together and fashion out a new lease of life for Nigerians.

Following the arrest and detention of the acclaimed Yoruba freedom fighter, Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, do you see the agitation for an independent Yoruba nation as a reality?

The fact of the case is this: Ojukwu started the crusade for Biafra; Ojukwu is no more, but the spirit of Biafra leaves on. So, whether or not Igboho is arrested or not, the spirit of the agitators still live on. It is a person that you can kill, spirit doesn’’t die. Igboho’s arrest and detention cannot in any way kill the agitation. What the Nigeria government wants to achieve is to silence everybody, including Sunday Adeyemo and Nnamdi Kanu, that was why they are hunting them and I know they will fail woefully because they love their people and their people love them. Destroying Sunday Igboho’s property and clamping him in detention unjustly, simply because he wanted to liberate his people from the hands of Hausa/Fulani taskmasters who maim, rape, and kill the Yoruba people is gross injustice of the highest order. For your information, I visited Igboho at the Cotonou Prison and my pastoral mission is clear as commanded by Almighty God because the message of our heavenly father is in haste and must be carried out likewise. You see, I visited Igboho based on divine instruction to get him to the side of God. When I saw him, I preached Christ to him and the Lord backed me up, Igboho surrendered his life to Christ and declared for Him. For your information, Igboho is now an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ; he is now Apostle Sunday Adeyemo Igboho omo Jesu. There is nothing like Igboho Oosa Baba Dammy, just like Nnamdi Kanu who has now become Rabbi. I am now anxiously looking forward to that date when the duo of Apostle Igboho and Rabbi Kanu will be preaching pure gospel to people just like Apostle Paul of the Bible who was also a militant who preached the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Gentiles. I boldly declare that Sunday Igboho is a trusted leader that Yoruba people can depend upon.

When you saw Apostle Sunday Igboho, according to you, what was his state of health?  Is it true that you found him in chains? Or did he look like someone with any health issues as being rumoured?

AS God who sent me lives, I saw Apostle Sunday Igboho and I met him hale and hearty. Those who are peddling the rumour that he was chained are only trying to blackmail the government and the people of Benin Republic. The rumours that he is in chains and that he has swollen legs, kidney problems and that he has been poisoned are coming from enemies of Apostle Sunday Igboho. Despite the persecution he is facing, his vision for the Yoruba nation remains unchanged, he believes in the actualization of the Yoruba nation for he loves his people dearly. Apostle Igboho sent a message to the Yoruba nation to keep the flag flying through prayers. He urged that the Yoruba should not relent in their effort for the actualization of the Yoruba dream because he believes that through togetherness the Yoruba will get to their dream land. To me, it is the prophets of our nation, just like Moses of the Bible, who are supposed to lead the struggle which Sunday Igboho has embarked upon for the liberation of the Yoruba people from their oppressors, it’s just unfortunate! May God Almighty deliver His people.

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