Don’t sell your PVCs, Archbishop Martins warns Nigerians

Don’t sell your PVCs, Archbishop Martins warns Nigerians

.Tasks INEC, others to ensure free, fair elections

Gabriel Dike

Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr Alfred Adewale Martins, at the weekend warned Nigerians not to sell their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) to politicians but rather use it to vote leaders of their choice in the forthcoming general elections.

Archbishop Martins also made a passionate appeal to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and others charged with the conduct of the general elections to ensure that people exercise their civic rights freely.

Speaking at the dedication of St John’s Catholic Church, Igando, Lagos, Archbishop Martins shocked the parishioners and several priests present at the event that he and another priest in the Cathedral had not collected their PVCs.

He, however, warned Nigerians not to sell theirs to politicians or their agents, adding ‘’I learnt that politicians are now buying PVCs. If you are involved, you are selling your future for N10, 000. It means after selling, you cannot vote again because you have sold your future to politicians.

The cleric advised Nigerians to hold onto their PVCs and use them during the general elections to vote for leaders of their choice.

His words: ‘’About a month from now, Nigerians will be electing a president, governors and lawmakers. The forthcoming general elections are important in our nation political development. Let us take the elections seriously. Let us pray to God to direct us to elect leaders that will find solutions to the numerous problems.

‘’Let us not be discouraged to vote. If we don’t vote, others will vote people that are not what the country needs. If you have not collected your PVCs, go and collect it. I and a father here have not collected ours. I and the father have gone there several times, and we will continue until we collect our PVCs.

‘’Let us vote for those who will protect us, value us and God-fearing people. Let us pray that God will give us direction on what to do during the forthcoming general elections. Let us pray that our leaders will treat us well and do the needful.’’

Archbishop Martins used the opportunity to call on INEC and other agencies tasked with the general elections to do the needful and ensure that Nigerians vote without any hindrance, stating ‘’do what is right.’’

He described the dedication of the church as a day of joy and that with the completion of the building, it showed that God is a great provider.



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