From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja
 A non-governmental Organization Equality Development and Research Center ( EDRC) on Saturday educated Federal Capital Territory, (FCT) children on the effects of bullying through painting.
The co- founder of the group, Marsha Nwanne stressed that she decided to use painting as means of illustration because children are easily attracted to what they see.
She added that most ill happenings in the society can be reduced if  bullying is  probably addressed       from the early stage of life.
” kids are very virtual in nature. They love to view, that is exactly how they learn.So when you ask a child to explain what he or she understands by bullying through what they see you have captured that information that you are looking for very clearly. Painting is a very creative way of indulging kids and have them learn as well as entertained.
” I decided to go for kids because bullying is a circle. It is a thing that does just start. It starts from childhood. They start as children, then work place bullying and from there to relationships. It is something you learn and in future it becomes a habit and the best way  to communicate. But if you break that circle in this stage then you would be able to make impact. That is why we are trying to tackle bullying from every angle in order to get maximum results.
One of the parents, Demian Ogwu said the project would help in building a better and more united society.
” I like the ideas of catching them young because one of problems we have in our society is that people did not start early to impact the right ethics. This project is innovative in the sense that it is trying to teach the kids the right thing. Most of the ill happenings in the country today is because they didn’t start this way,so by catching them young,it would generate a better generation in future,he said.
Elliot Junior, one of the kids said he learnt that bullying make most children to be uncomfortable and also affect their performance in school.
He added that one need not to bully back but report to elders who they trust can stop the incident.
“Most people enjoyed it because they have been bullied  before while others do it without knowing that they are hurting others. So, one need to report to elders or talk it out with them to stop reoccurrence, he said.

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