Estate focus : Garki, Abuja

Garki District takes the 4th spot on our list because it doesn’t really fall into the league of top places like WUSE 2 or Maitama in terms of high cost of living. However it still is quite an expensive area when not compared with the big guns. For instance Garki 2 has some of the most expensive supermarkets and shopping malls in Abuja, just in case you’re dreaming of purchasing regular consumables. Rent in this part of the city is also quite high and a 2 bedroom flat could go for between N1.5 million to N2.5 million per year depending on which part you find yourself in.

The Garki District is the area in the southwest corner of the city, having the Central District to the north and the Asokoro District to the east. The District is subdivided into units called “Areas”. Garki uses a distinctive naming convention of “Area” to refer to parts of Garki. These are designated as Areas 1 to 11. Garki II is used to differentiate the area from Garki Area 2.

Garki is presently the principal business district of Abuja. Numerous buildings of interest are located in this area. Some of them include the General Post Office, Abuja International Conference Centre located on Herbert Macaulay Way, Nicon Luxury Hotel. A zoological garden as well as the Garki Shopping Centre are located in Area 2.

The Army Headquarters, Air force Headquarters and Navy Headquarters are all located in the Garki District. The tallest building in this district is the Radio House. This houses the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN). The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Stations and Corporate Headquarters are also based in Garki. The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) which oversees and runs the Administration of the Federal Capital Territory is located in Garki. The Office of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is located in Area 10.

Other places of note include the Central Bank of Nigeria, Arts and Culture Centre and The Nigerian Police Mobile Force Headquarters in Area 10. The Abuja Municipal Area Council, which is the local Government administration, has its headquarters in Area 10. The new United States Embassy is also located in the Garki district. Garki is definitely a place in Abuja you can’t miss. It attracts all and sundry to its domain.

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