October 16, 2021


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Ethnic division: Implementation of social cohesion report will unite Nigerians — Prof. Ihua

From Okwe Obi, Abuja

Executive Director of Africa Polling Institute, Professor Bell Ihua says the recent 2021 Nigeria Social Cohesion Survey report released by his institute will assist the country in planning and to achieve national cohesion amongst various social cultural, ethnic and religious groups in the country.

Prof. Ihua who spoke to newsmen yesterday in Abuja, lamented that the country was drifting apart along political, religious and ethnic divide for sometime now.

He lamented the division among these social, ethnic, religious and political lines in the country today despite many years of nationhood since independence on October 1, 1960.

The Africa Polling Institute released its annual report during the national cohesion dialogue and the unvailing of the 2021 Nigeria Social Cohesion Survey report where the report released suggested that over 65% of Nigerians are questioning the reason for the continues existence of Nigeria as a nation today.

Issues of marginalization in appointments, corruption, gender equity, identity trust and social cohesion, self worth and future expectations as it affects Nigerians and the role of politicians who fan the embers of violence and division during electioneering were used during the survey.

Dispite the findings, he noted that the research data gathered can assist government in future national planning and provide a platform where Nigerians will think more nationalistic and not separatist.

He urged government to activate a new movement that will galvanize Nigerians towards social cohesion and integration.

He said agitators for separation or secessionist seems to have a reason to call for division of the country whereas the government is failing to provide a platform or a justification for Nigeria to remain as one indivisible nation.

He urge the media to assist government in nation building and national cohesion in their reportage of event by emphasizing aspects that unite the country as government cannot do it all on its own.

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