From Fred Itua, Abuja

The Father’s House Church is set to host its maiden edition of a reality television show to address national and moral issues in Nigeria.

Its also revealed that it will be housing selected Christian youths from different denominations- Catholic, Pentecostal background, and from the Celestial Church background.

The Father’s House reality television project with theme ‘How can the Church fix Nigeria?’, will commence from the 30th of April 2022 and will air on different TV platforms such as: Arkflix, DStv, GOtv ,Tstv channel, Consat, StarSat, and MyTV.

Addressing in Abuja at the weekend, project director, Apostle David Abraham, explained that the program is designed even for non Christians like Muslims, traditionalists, among others.

Project director said this it is going to “have a strong bearing on the lives of people, because our country has been labeled the poverty capital of the world,one of the unsafe places to give birth to children, the most insecure zones on earth and is the most religious places on earth. It’s a sharp contrast.”

Abraham said by the leading of the Spirit and from the advice of “our fathers of faith across all the denominations, we put together what we call the first faith based national development reality TV show.

“We are going to use state of the art equipment, very serene and aesthetic environment to interpret the Word of God in such a way that the ordinary man on the street can understand.

“We are not going to sell nudity, profanity and vulgar languages.we cannot do that. But we are bringing inspiration, innovation, creativity that can keep the whole family glued to the television almost 24 hours a day.”

He noted that the Catholic Church especially influenced governance across the world.

“Some of the technological advancement we have seen over time is a product of church men and women and coming down to Africa or to Nigeria here.

“Many people would ask, how can the church influence governance, economic activities, culture, like our father said, we have reached a point in this country where we should declare a cultural state of emergency. If you go through the media, the stories you hear, they are heartbreaking.

“We are bringing them together for 40 days and they are core assignment is to answer several challenges bedeviling our country, Nigeria,” he said.

“How can people that are crying to God every day be number one in areas of negatives, there is a knowledge gap, there is an action gap and that knowledge and action gap is going to be preached by the father’s house,”he added.

While speaking on the rewards for winners, producer of the project, Otto Paul Adah, said the winner will have the father’s blessing, as according to him, “money is not the ultimate. We would seek God’s blessings for the winner and not money.”

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