Financial dating rules for ladies

Whenever you are invited out by a toaster or even someone you are dating, avoid the temptation of bringing your friends along, except he asks that you bring them with you.

Amaka Nicholas

Whenever a man invites you out even when you know bill is on him, it is in your best interest to have enough money in your purse before accepting his invite. This is your back up plan against eventualities. We are tired of seeing and hearing about stranded girls around town.

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It is possible you could get to the venue and he is running late. Some restaurants are not friendly when ladies just seat alone for long without buying anything. Some will politely inform you that their restaurant is not a waiting room.

Your date could because running late and ask that you to place order for whatever you like to eat and drink till he arrives. It is wise you order what you can afford, something the money in your purse can afford should his arrival take like forever even after you are done eating.

You can pay, choose to wait for him further or leave. Some men are known to be mischievous, they purposely invite ladies out, make them incur expenses, while they have no intention of showing up.

Your date can run out of cash, because he never really knew how expensive such restaurant is in the first place. It’s in your place to save the day if the need arises. It saves you from near embarrassing situation.

Going to visit a man without any cash on you because he invited you is not wise. Have what girls call ‘vex money’ on you even if he promised to pay for your fare on arrival.

This is very important should he do anything you find insulting or not comfortable with.

At least, you can afford to get yourself back home safely, rather than stand and yell in anger but still foolishly ask him to pay your fare. Some of these men are not nice and they don’t play fair, they can choose to make a mess of you.

He likes you, asks you to be his woman, you turn him down severally but he isn’t backing down, one day, you call him to join you and your girlfriends where you are hanging out in a bar somewhere. He arrives and within minutes of his arrival, the waiter brings a huge bill, you take a look at it and sexily hands the bill to him who just arrived. Ladies, you play too much.

A heartless bad boy with his senses intact will collect that bill from you, glance through it, tell the waiter to bring more rounds of drinks with enough chops as much as you can consume and even take away for everybody. He can request for a new bill to be brought. He will drink a couple of his own brand as well, excuse himself to quickly get cash from his car or the nearest ATM. He leaves and never returns, ignores your calls while having lifetime laugh. It is none of his business how you and your friends wriggle yourselves out of the huge debt.

You don’t want to date him, but you want to squander his money with your clique of hungry girls. Be reminded that some men are equal to the task, they will deal with you right, left and center. They are not ashamed to set you up against yourself. You will be the ultimate loser in the end.

If a man asking you out and of his own free will takes you to the supermarket, asks you to pick a few daily needs and out of greed you pack even things you don’t need because you feel he’s a maga and you must collect your own share.

I pray you meet men who are not ashamed to tell you right there and then to return all the items you have collected back to the shelve because you are shamelessly greedy and classless.

They will walk out on you and drive off leaving you to the shame you brought upon yourself. He’s not a maga nor a money miss road, he’s genuinely a gentle man who knows when he’s about to be scammed by an olodo.

Whenever you are invited out by a toaster or even someone you are dating, avoid the temptation of bringing your friends along, except he asks that you bring them with you.

Stop going on dates and insisting he buys take away for your friends. If you must get something for your friends, it’s wise you spend your own money. Avoid making such orders in his presence, do it privately and pay because you know he would likely insist on paying.

Ladies, stop tagging along when your friends are invited on a date. Have some shame. Learn to turn down such tag along offers, if he insists, don’t get there and behave like you have never seen food and drinks all your life.

When on dates, order and eat to you satisfaction. If you are not feeling hungry, do not order food just to take few scoops, leaving the rest to waste.

Don’t be quick to complain that whatever you are served is not tasty. Be polite to waiters. Have little self respect for yourself especially on money related issues.

In all these, make your safety and shame a priority. Some men are not loyal, neither are they gentle nor nice. They enjoy disgracing and leaving girls stranded, don’t fall a victim.

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