From Paul Orude, Bauchi

Following flooding that claimed three lives and destroyed 1400 houses, Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed has reiterated the call on the federal government to actualize the Kafin Zaki dam project for a lasting solution.

Recurring flooding has ravaged communities in Bauchi and Jgawa States almost on yearly basis, destroying houses farmlands and several lives.

Flooding in parts of Bauchi North and Central has cut off roads linking several communities in neighbouring states and damaged unqualified farmlands and produced.

Speaking when he paid a visit to commiserate with the people of the affected areas in Gamawa and Zaki local governments, the governor opined that the Kafin Zaki dam project was the lasting solution that would end the perennial flooding that has led to untold suffering of people of the affected communities.

Governor Mohammed pointed out that the 10 million dollars provided by the federal government with support from international partners as a succour to address the problem would not provide a lasting solution.

“We have taken steps with the Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency BASWPA to take a census of what has Been destroyed,” he said.

“The federal government has provided $10 million but this is a far cry from what we require here in terms of infrastructure, drainage and so on.

Flooding kills three in Bauchi; Gov reiterates call to build Kafin Zaki Dam for lasting solution

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“What we need here is the actualisation of the Kafin Zaki dam that will arrest and harness the water resources that we have coming from the Dilimi River and Jamare river”

Mohammed advised that technology should be deployed to create and discharge surfaces dam to communities in Borno and Yone states so that their areas are not dry.

Residents of Yobe and Borno states reportedly do not support the actualisation of the Kafin Zaki Dam project because they fear it will affect their communities adversely.

“I am calling on the federal government to urgently address this issue by bringing all the communities that are suffering into the downstream communities so that perception problem and agitation would be allayed,’ he said

“We would be able to harness the water resources with the huge potential for agriculture and development in these Areas.

“Anything other than that is just scratching the surface. We have to do it because you can see what is happening in Jigawa and other places.”

To ameliorate the plight of those affected, Governor Mohammed announced a donation of two trailers of maize totalling 1200 bags and two vehicles for medical needs.

“We believe people are exposed to contaminated water,” he said.

Governor Mohammed directed the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Nuhu Zaki to provide14 boats to ease the movement of stranded residents of communities in the area in the meantime.

“I have also directed the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA and BASEPA to take statistics of those affected,” he said.

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