October 16, 2021


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Foundation offers succour to widows, orphans, others

By Henry Uche, Lagos

Following the glaring hardship in the country occasioned majorly by the global pandemic ravaging the world, the Chikadibia World Foundation (CWF) has provided succour to over 50 most indigent people in Ijeododo community, Alimosho local government area of Lagos State.

At the launch of the Foundation, the Founder/President, Emmanuel Felix, said its establishment was not the act of man but a mandate from divinity to save lives.

While giving cash gifts and other food items to the first beneficiaries, Felix who is also the resident Pastor of Assemblies Of God (Potter’s House) Ijeododo 3, said the motive was not to garner human commendations but to serve divinity through rendering service and other forms of help to humanity.

‘This Foundation was not initiated by man but by God Himself. We are not doing it to please human beings. By the way, we don’t have enough but we can’t wait until it overflows before we can help one another. Our pursuit is to lift people from extreme poverty by supporting their businesses, paying school fees for those who really could not afford it and other services as God enables us.’

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Felix affirmed that he was auspicious for the provisions to sustain the Foundation, adding that The Almighty God remains the source and resource. “Our mission is ‘Standing On The Unfailing Promises of God To Deliver Humanity From Poverty And Lack’, so we don’t trust the works of man.

“While our vision is, ‘To Revive And Restore The Hope Of The Hopeless’. Our goal is, ‘To See Humanity Being Established In The Fields of Endeavors’. We believe God will strengthen us.

The clergyman averred that his penchant to give meaning to People’s Lives remains undaunted. He beckoned on the rich in the society to help the downtrodden in any capacity to ameliorate their plight as a way of service to God. He warned against any act geared towards aggravating the pains of the poor especially the widows, orphans and fatherless, saying God would not spare such oppressors.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Mercy Ibezim (widow) who could not hold back tears said the Foundation has restored hope to her as she would return to her business. “God has shown me Mercy. With this money, I will now upgrade my business. I thank God and feel delighted with the Foundation,” she sobs.

Another beneficiary, Chinedu Peters (a student) revealed that he could henceforth continue schooling as paying his school fees was a burden to his parents. ‘I am glad to continue my education, I believe God will do it,’ he confessed.

Other beneficiaries (of students of higher learning) expressed appreciation and pledged to replicate the same to others when they succeed. “We at Lamb Academy are grateful to God and CWF for this unprecedented help, this shows that Godly people still live with us. We pledged to replicate this gesture when we succeed,’ they said.

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