Freedom fighter’s mental haemorrhage

His disappearance and reemergence has put Abaribe and others in danger of prosecution because of their blind trust of the runaway ‘freedom fighter’.

Tony Iwuoma

The mobsters are coming, in venomous rage. I see the cudgels and clubs, aiming for my head. I hear the hysteria and shrieks of anger; even their boiled-over spit splashing on my face. But I am happily primed to soak them all in, happy to tell the truth in hope that the wise would hear and understand.

Why must I be conscripted into the nebulous rabble of self-inflicted ignominy, fighting for freedom when we are no slaves; when we enslave and shackle ourselves to the aprons of smart bigots and supremacists who mount our graves to climb out of abstruseness?

And when truth is told, they hunt down the mouth of reason, trusting rather in swiftly corroding and whitewashed promises. But we will keep saying the truth, standing by the truth, for we are no mean men or sons of slaves.

The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is back from the dead. I am happy for him that he did not die after all the propaganda. His disappearance and reemergence has unwittingly helped his enemy, Nigeria, now gloating in undeserved vindication.

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His disappearance and reemergence has also put Enyinnaya Abaribe and others in danger of prosecution because of their blind trust of the runaway ‘freedom fighter.’ Poor Abaribe, did he assume that the hyena would change its fancies overnight? I wish the government would overlook this faux pas and let the senator be because, truly, Abaribe, by sticking out his neck, helped to reduce tension in the land at the time.

Well, peckish Kanu is at it again. After wailing vainly at the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, he ‘decreed’ that there would be hell in Nigeria and that next year’s elections would not hold in the South-East and South-South. How overly ambitious can this young man be!

Kanu, who did not have even one kind word in memory of the many young men he led to untimely graves, chose rather to mourn his slain dog. Strangely, those lesser-than-dog-beings are the ones being for the blood of reason, giving him unmerited credit. Their twisted logic says that Kanu’s gambit made the government to give the Igbo recognition such that Peter Obi has been picked as running mate to Atiku Abubakar. How daft! Such credit for whatever since the Civil War ended, even the Kanu persona, goes to Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and his Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB).

Before this Kanu came up to bring war into our homestead through his bizarre diarrheic mouth, the Igbo had since regained recognition enough to produce two Inspectors-General of Police in Ogbonnaya Onovo and Sir Mike Okiro, as well as Chief of Army Staff in Azubuike Ihejirika, all thanks to MASSOB. Suddenly, this boy comes around to usurp things he never contributed in founding and used them as a ladder to climb out of obscurity.

It was Uwazuruike that appointed him director of Radio Biafra above his superiors; he turned round to bite the finger that fed him, seized the station and even said he had expelled Uwazuruike from his own baby.

Then he came into the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and hijacked it from the grandfatherly old men, Pa Ikedife and Co., that founded it, cursing and abusing them and everyone.

Soon he became the ‘supreme leader’ and I hope people understand the implications of such supremacy when we get to Biafra. He called for armed struggle, making false claims that brought vulturine pythons to come dancing inside our mother’s hut, killing and maiming our gullible people, and then takes off like a frightened rabbit, unfeeling about the awkward position into which he has put Abaribe, not even sparing a thought for those he had abandoned in the gulag when he accepted an uncannily cobbled bail that a true freedom fighter would reject.

This guy comes off as a con artist. One is tempted to agree with his benefactor-turned-foe, Uwazuruike, that he has emerged to reap some more.

In his latest script, Kanu claims that he’s a Jew but nobody knows from when he became one. That is not even important, as it is within his right to claim any affinity but to lie to Israel that 70-90% of Igbo are Judaic is laughable.

How many Igbo know what Judaism is all about; how many synagogues are in Biafraland and where are these his fellow adherents of Judaism? Of course, he can’t deceive beloved and venerable Israel.

The problem with Kanu’s hallucinating followers is their inability to reason, as they they are under a spell. They are hasty in castigating every attempt to pull the veil from off their face. You are accused of suffering from the Pull Him Down (PHD) syndrome if you try that.

Of course, Kanu has never even been up if not for Uwazuruike’s Radio Biafra and the Buhari government that unwittingly brought him to limelight by refusing to release him from detention when the courts said so. Nobody knows one single thing that Kanu started except usurping other people’s creations.

There’s an obvious disconnect in the understanding of ‘opposition’ to Kanu. Let his milling army of malcontent supporters interrogate his antecedents and see if a person with his proven conduct is real or fake or self-seeking.

It is very wrong to take advantage of others, even worse to betray trust.

Yours sincerely is an unapologetic believer in Biafra; however, a Biafra far removed from Kanu’s myopia, we must have. Are people not bothered by his ‘supremacy’ even at this nascent stage?

If the Biafra we yearn for is the one this ‘supreme lord’ is leading, it can never fly. Kanu is an opportunist, playing a mind game. Come off this crap; Ndigbo una don pass dis bus stop!

Kanu is talking about hell and I wonder what level of foolishness can make me align with him when those who did in the past were scurrilously treated and rated less than his dead dog, Jack.

The electoral boycott he is canvassing will definitely further the parlous plight of Ndigbo because whether we boycott it or not, it MUST hold and we will be at the receiving end, even worse than before.

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Neither Kanu nor anyone else has given enough reason for entrusting the destiny of Ndi Biafra in the hand of such callousness and opportunism. I wish there was no blind and suicidal followership of this bigot. This gangdom mentality will fail us, hurt Biafra.

Whoever loves Kanu and wishes him well should pray for his healing from mental haemorrhage so that he can be collected enough to imbibe humility and be amenable. He cannot be this rude, brash and abusive and expect to go far. He who knows it all knows nothing.

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