God’s choice for 2019 poll

It is my hope that the man Almighty God sent me to will learn from Abiola’s mistakes and avoid punishment and sufferings in his last years on earth

Sina Adedipe

In the last two months a number of readers, including a traditional ruler in Imo State, a professor and others across the country, have been asking me about the person Almighty God sent me to last year as His candidate for the 2019 presidential election. I wrote about the message thirteen months ago, in the column of September 27, 2017 but did not reveal the identity of the person.

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But last Saturday, the Heavenly Father instructed me to write about the message and the man. Consequently, I am compelled to do so, but this will be after the current series on polygamy. This means that the article is likely to be published in November or December.

As the Ancient of Days told me, the write – up is to let the man know that like late Chief Moshood Abiola he must not joke with His message and that he must carry out all he is told to do until the presidential election takes place. Otherwise, like Abiola he too would forfeit the opportunity He has given him to become Nigeria’s president as from May 29, next year to begin the country’s journey to greatness. A project He came up with in 1992.

As I had shown in the articles published in this column in the last eight years, Chief Abiola carried out all the Supreme Being told him to do from March through June 12, 1993. But after reports from the agents of his Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Sunday, June 13 showed that he had won the election and he thought he had irrevocably become president, he chose to carry out what he was told to do unfailingly on June 14, the following day.

It is my hope that the man Almighty God sent me to will learn from Abiola’s mistakes and avoid punishment and sufferings in his last years on earth and, worse, in his hereafter. This is because no one disobeys the Supreme Being and gets away with it.

I had in the last eight years written it in this column thrice or more times, that during a spiritual retreat in Ado – Ekiti on Saturday, September 24, 1994 that the Lord told Dr. Ore Falomo, the physician of Chief Abiola and I that He caused the June 12, 1993 election his patient won to be annulled.

Falomo had never come out to refute my story. So, he is available for the man to contact to know whether or not the Heavenly Father speaks one–to–one with me and sends me to those He wants to be president under His plan to make Nigeria great.

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Four professors, others in UK & US hail my polygamy series (3)

Professors Tam David – West, Victor Adedipe, Tony Obayi and Kayode Adeboye as well as Doctors Bayo Ogunnupe, Andrew Omachi and Lucky have been reading my eleven – year – long column for some years now. And with the exception of Dr. Omachi had gotten in touch with me by phone call or text message once or more times before my current polygamy series which started five months ago, under different headlines depending on what aspect of the subject I am treating.

But unlike them, Mr. Abbey Ikotun in the United States and Engineer Akinduro in the United Kingdom came across my column online for the first time on July 1 and August 8 when they phoned me respectively. This fact as first – timers and what they said which were more profoundly appreciative of my column than the reactions from the readers in Nigeria since the series began, made me see their commendation more remarkable and special.

As others had been doing every year in the last eleven years, Mr. Ikotun said my column was a fantastic one and that I write very well in simple English that anyone can easily understand. He also praised me for my deep and extraordinary knowledge of the Bible and that he had not come across anyone who had discussed polygamy the way I have done.

He said I had convincingly provided incontestable facts from the Christian Holy Book that Almighty God and Jesus Christ are not against multiple – marriage. As the Heavenly Father had no law against it and did not punish anyone for having more than one wife. While His son or any Apostle did not preach against it.

Mr. Ikotun then went on to say that from what he had just read, he was sure I must have been writing brilliant essays, and asked if any government had offered me political appointment or if an educational institution had honoured me with a doctorate degree.

(More to come next Wednesday)


So long Professor Agbi & Pa Adewole Adedipe

I have to suspend the series on the phenomenal matriarch of the Adedipes, Falaes, Ade – Ojos and others to pay tribute to the two above – named members of our Elemo Adedipe who went to glory in Akure last week. In doing so, I apologize to everyone especially those who by phone call or text message have appreciated the Adedipes and asked if there is a book on our family or Chief Michael Ade – Ojo (Elizade).

And the middle – aged Asaba – born widow who sent a text message that the academic accomplishments of my sisters have encouraged her to seek tertiary education in the National Open University in Abuja.

Professor Sunday Oluwadare Agbi, 73, a former Deputy Vice Chancellor Ondo State University, Ado – Ekiti (1988 – 91) and Secretary to the Ondo State Government (1992 – 93), whose mother, late Mrs. Elizabeth Agbi (nee Adedipe), was an elder half – sister of my dad, passed on in the early hours of last Wednesday, 10/10/18 (October 10, 2018).

Pa Adewole Adedipe, 92, the father of High Chief Olusegun Adedipe VI, the present Elemo of Akure and the 15th on the stool and head of the family, joined the Saints Triumphant on Friday two days after Agbi’s transition. He was the oldest member of the clan.



Having thanked my sisters, both the older and younger ones, I have now come to appreciating my brothers who felicitated with me on September 4. They are Akure – based Pastor Adekunle Adedipe, 71; Engineer Adeleke Adedipe, 61, in Lagos; Chief Adegoroye Adedipe (60 coming Saturday, October 20) who lives in Akure and Pastor Adeyeye Adedipe, 50, who resides in Lagos.


For continuation next week

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