Greatest advice mum gave me – Lolar Shon

“I just opened a unisex multipurpose store in Surulere, Lagos, and then there is my children’s charity event tagged Lolar Shon & Friends…”

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Fashionista, entrepreneur, model and philanthropist aptly describes Lolar Shon (Omolola Owogbile Shonowo). Ever since she won Miss Lekki Beach in 2000, her career has been on a trajectory to the top. And in this chat with TS Weekend, the indigene of Ilishan, Remo, Ogun State opens up on her career, losing her mum and her charity event which holds Dec. 15 in Lagos among other interesting issues.

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You had your break very early in your career. What was it like winning Miss Lekki Beach?

Yes, I did have an early break in my career. I started presenting Lekki Beach DTD Jam Show on NTA after I won Miss Lekki Beach 2000 and then I was runners-up at Miss Spotless and runners-up at Miss Theatre Arts, Lagos State University (LASU). These were moment that make me feel like being young forever.

You recently lost your mum. What fond memories do you have of her?

I still find it hard to believe my prayer warrior is gone! I’ve so many priceless memories of her but the one that sticks most was her praying for my safe delivery when I was in labour with my third baby whom I  birth breech without cesarean surgery.

What was the greatest advice she gave you?

She told me to do whatever makes me sleep at night irrespective of what others think about me, I should find peace from within. She told me to always be myself and run my own race and those words have guided me to this day.

What is new about Lolar Shon and her brand?

I just opened a unisex multipurpose store in Surulere, Lagos, and then there is my children’s charity event tagged Lolar Shon & Friends Season 2 which is coming up on the 9th of December. Meanwhile, I’ll be unveiling my clothing line and the new edition of my fashion magazine, Lolar Shon Magazine on December 15 at Crescendo Lounge, GRA, Ikeja.

Lately you have found a way of tying your events around welfare themes. Why?

I’ve always been a silent giver until early this year when I met with a special boy called Baba. Baba has cerebral palsy and I mistook his caregiver as his parent. The show of love made me realise I could reach out to more kids with the special help of all the people I call friends so I decided to feed about 500 kids and make them smile throughout my event.

Despite having three kids you still have the curves of a super model. What is the secret?

Wow! I’m truly flattered! I think I owe it to good hormones, exercise and of course, healthy eating. I drink apple cider in the morning with warm water, sleep well and I take walks often.

What does style mean to you and what is your beauty routine?

Style to me is the inner beauty of a person interpreted through one’s dress sense.

How did your meet your husband?

We met at a bar, we became friends long before we became lovers. And I won’t forget one thing he said which was ‘don’t you want to get married?’ And today, the rest his history.

You are a very busy woman with businesses in Nigeria and Ghana. Do you get to spend quality time with your kids. Is your husband not complaining?

I thank God everyday for the man in my life, he loves and tolerate my way of life. I travel everywhere with my kids and my mother stays with them whenever they can’t come along. I haven’t traveled since I lost her June 17th.

Your husband is a rich and handsome dude. Are you not scared you might lose him to all these young girls prowling around because of your busy schedule?

My man is doing well but he’s not rich. Having said that, I am not scared of losing him to much younger girls because our relationship is built on God and genuine friendship.

What has been the greatest decision you ever took?

Wow! My greatest decision ever? That was leaving my career at almost its peak to have my kids. It was quite challenging but I had to take that decision because I believe that in life, family comes first and today I have no regrets.

When would you say was your saddest moment?

That was losing my mum. It was the lowest point of my life. When my mum died 17th of June 2018 my world came crashing like a pack of dominoes. She was such an inspiration and her death really shattered me. In fact, in order to immortalise her I named my ankara denim collection FDS after her.

Who are your role models?

My late mum and my younger sister.

What advice do you have for young girls who want to take after you?

Be yourself, don’t let other people’s progress make you ungrateful for the things God has done in your life. Always be prayerful and be grateful.

What’s been your happiest moments?

My happiest moments were the three times I gave birth to my babies; the joy of motherhood cannot be quantified.

What is the secret to your success?

God is my number number secret. I don’t quit. I learn more than I teach now, I believe there’s always a way out no matter the challenges.

Is any of your kids taking after you?

(Laughter) I’m afraid, the three of them might end up finding their feet in one of my fields.

What are your dreams?

To be one of the leading fashion brands globally and own own one of the most recognised fashion magazines in the world.

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