Hear even more with Oticon + IFTTT

What if your hearing aids could let you participate more fully in life? Imagine being able to receive alerts, set listening programs, stream television audio, and more via your hearing aids. How differently would you hear the world around you?

The Oticon Opn hearing aids are the world’s first hearing aids to use internet connectivity to send spoken notifications and alerts straight to users’ hearing aids. Thanks to Oticon Applets, connecting your Opn hearing aids to phones, TVs, and other applications is easier than ever.

Stay on alert

One of the best features of Oticon + IFTTT is the ability to receive spoken in-ear alerts from your smart home devices such as Ring doorbell, August Home smart lock, and more. Expecting dinner party guests or an Amazon package? Let IFTTT serve as your personal butler and tell you when they’ve arrived. Plus, notifications that let you know when your laundry is done or your iRobot has finished cleaning make household chores a breeze.

Keep informed

Do you want to stay up-to-date without being tethered to your cell phone? IFTTT can help connect your Oticon Opn hearing aids to the latest news, weather, and more. These Applets deliver the information you want straight to your ear — whether it’s the final score for your favorite team, whenever you receive a new email, or today’s pollen count.

You’re in charge

Have you ever needed to change your hearing aid program, but didn’t have a hand free? IFTTT can help you control your settings without lifting a finger — all you have to do is ask. These Applets let you connect your Oticon Opn to your voice assistant. 

Sometimes you need a reminder when life gets crazy. With Oticon’s nifty low battery notification Applets, you’ll never have a hearing aid die unexpectedly again. Choose from a spoken in-ear alert, mobile notification, or email. It’s one less thing to worry about while you’re out and about. 

Explore more

There are so many ways Oticon + IFTTT can change how you hear the world around you. Get rolling with these, then check out what else Oticon Applets can do for you.

Want to see your own brand and service on IFTTT? Visit the IFTTT Platform to learn how to build and get started. 

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