September 26, 2021


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Hidden knowledge on why people suffer (17)

“One of the ways I can thank God is for you to publish this testimony to his glory. My son was so sick and the diagnosis proved that he had growth inside the upper region of his skull. This made us very restless as we were patronizing many hospitals without any success. We were referred to te United Kingdom for special surgery but were looking for money before someone gave us your number. My son of 12 years old went through excruciating and unbearable pain on a daily basis. I wept as I saw my son in pain…We kept on praying and trusting God for divine healing, until someone gave us your contact, and we followed up subsequently. After our first contact, you promised to investigate it, which you did and gave us some strange and eccentric information concerning his life…because we saw ourselves as people in dire need, we followed all your instructions together with some bottles of oil and water you sent to us. I must confess that we noticed some significant changes after the prayer; he started eating well and discussing with some of his friends. The second phase of the prayer brought his total freedom as he became completely healed and the entire test conducted on him showed he was negative as the growth vanished and disappeared, to the glory of God. God that did this through you must continue to be praised forever more. God bless you, my brother, and continue with your good works to humanity.”

– Mr. Luis Odion,   

“Dear Prof. I must first of all thank our heavenly father that manifested his power through you by the application of the oil I ordered. After using the oil and praying as you instructed, I had some amazing and awful dreams that convinced me of my freedom. On one occasion, I saw some demons that appeared to me as young girls and upon the realization of their true identity, which sparked off a serious battle, they turned to snakes. By the grace of God, I overcame them and cut one into three pieces, though the three parts later disappeared mysteriously. After that, the Lord, through his son Jesus Christ, opened my eyes to so many things. Glory be to God that after the prayer, the spirit of near-success syndrome that has held me for many years vanished. Today, I no longer experience near-success syndrome, which was the purpose of my prayer. God be with you, sir.”

  Bro Oliver Onuigbo

“Dear Uzorma, I thought you were not a Christian at all due to some of your previous philosophical articles. But now my eyes have seen wonders through your prayers and the anointing oil you gave to me. The woman who poisoned my father and vowed to finish my family just ran mad four days to the expiration of the seven days prayer you instructed. All her evil plans have fulfilled on her head. This is marvelous indeed. Man of God, when I saw this, I ended my prayer because the anointing oil you gave to me worked more than the first one I ordered. I used it the way you instructed, when I used it in anointing our house, it made her uncomfortable and she ran out of the house naked after shouting of being burnt by fire all over her body. Within which period she confessed to the hearing of people that she was responsible for what happened to my father. Today, she is sober and humbled…God is great. Thank you so much…”  (Names and contact withheld).

Whenever any prayer is made for you by an evil agent of darkness, with the use of candles and incense, it means that you have sold yourself to spirits in the fire occult kingdom and in most cases during initiations in which one is instructed to dance round the fire naked, the person becomes doomed. That is, fire sacrifices known in the Sanskrit parlance as Agni Yajna, those who are easily used for this sacrifice are those who have via wrong solution contaminated themselves through the use of both candles and incense. This results to untimely death.

Bathing in the river is a means of receiving solution to one’s problem and it is another way in which one is kept under the contact point of the devil and his forces. You may have at one time or the other in your life visited a ‘prophet’ for the solution to your problem and the said prophet finally takes you to a river to bathe you. Though this is usually done for people, especially women, looking for the fruit of the womb or for other persons looking for security and other life-related problems.

There is a man in Anambra State, Nigeria, who does this often on people as a way of ministering solutions to their needs. I wish to tell you that your bathing in the river for this purpose is an indirect way of presenting you as a condemned human being and as ‘meat’ to the forces of darkness within the water spirit realm.

In those days, there was a man who is still operating his cult as a Christian church today. I knew him in the past. This man is hailed by various titles by his followers. A day came when he wanted to use some people’s destiny for something. When he was consulted, he brought the list of the names of the people he bathed in the river. Without delay, he submitted the names. And they were about 150 persons from different states. Their destinies were all used for the purpose. This evil process is a way of diverting the destinies of others.

I want to let you know that at any time a demonic ‘man of God’ is taking you to a river to bathe you, you should know that your name is going on record and will be finally submitted to a higher master for invocation. The Bible said, “The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Facing the sun while observing some prayers or while praying is one of the ways Satan uses to keep a person in bondage. A ‘prophet’ may instruct you to face the east or the sun while praying. This is very wrong because this is another way of submitting to, contacting and worshiping some higher beings in the sun planet called “VISVASVAN” or A hura Mazda. The moment this spirit is contacted through prayer, he subjectively invokes an element into you through the rays of the sun and that forms the contact point from where they (the forces of darkness) will begin to monitor and direct you. This does not apply in every case because some divine angels can be contacted through the sun but this is not my major focus here.

The use of ashes for prayer is an abnormal process of praying, this is an indirect way of invoking the astral forces, demons within the first occult kingdom of the air. An agent of darkness may tell you that ash is used to drive away evil forces. I do hope that you are fully aware that one of the chief duties of Satan is to make evil to appear as good so as to lead the sons of men astray.

Ashes are used in contacting higher demons in the astral world, and the moment one uses it the person receives a mark of initiation into the kingdom of darkness.

The use of sand for prayers is another process of contaminating yourself. An evil ‘man of God’ may advice you to use sand for prayers. If you do, then let it be known to you that the process by which sand is used for prayer is a direct way of inviting demons operating as ‘ghost’ within the occult kingdom of the earth and handing yourself over to them. Many have lost their lives through this illicit way of praying.

If you have at one time or the other in your life obeyed the instruction of such evil agents of Satan by using sand for prayers, it means you may have contacted demons and have, via same process, become their slave. You are only free if you have received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If not, you are already dead while living. The Bible says, “Therefore there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus…” (Rom 8:1).

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