Higher philosophy of Christian marriage (2)

Adam’s mind reached a higher level of spiritual consciousness through the principles of divinity and undying propensity he found in Eve…

Prof. Nathan Uzorma Protus

“Good day Prof., I have desired talking to you after using your oil, but you have been too busy hence this text message…God has answered my prayers after using your oil for the prayer you gave me. I have been in one office for almost ten years, this stagnation kept me worried until I contacted you and ordered your oils and prayed as you instructed; immediately after the prayer, I was lifted out of almost ten years stagnation in office and was promoted to a top position…Another miracle that also happened was the business that I was having disappointment in for a long time also clicked suddenly and was paid for immediately…This is unbelievable my Prof…”

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“My manhood was dead as a result of the evil wife I married. It has been a battle all through and as a man of God I was dying gradually and was forced to contact you after she ran away and abandoned me. Before this time, I have been praying so much and visited many hospitals and healing homes without success. When I contacted you and ordered some bottles of your oil, and prayed as you guided me, something strange happened to me that I may not explain here. But the good news is that I am healed and my organ restored. I am most grateful to God almighty for using you for this purpose…” (Names and contacts withheld).

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The moment the union is destined by the will of God via the transcendent karmic ties, it will never occur to them to wish for divorce but if God had not joined them together, by his will brought about by higher relationship through cosmic laws they will never remain one flesh before God no matter the nature of the unanswered prayer that is said; because divine attraction must be based on internal sympathetic homogeneity that is characterized by mental, spiritual, and emotional equilibrium.

However, if they are transcendentally joined together by God, in such a case if the couples wish to divorce, even when they try to realize it, they will never be divorced subjectively; this is so because God will not recognize such divorce. They must be thinking about one another which will finally initiate a move for proper reconciliation, because they are meant for one another. This could be called separation and not divorce. The thinking process is a technical way of getting closer in mind which will result in getting closer in the body. This is the will of God, for the Bible says, “Can the two walk together except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3. Two cannot walk together without agreement so also one cannot think of the other without the operational law of transcendent homogeneity and or cosmic tie.

As you read on, you will discover that it is better to wait for the real and destined partner, than being in a hurry to jump into marriage and taking the nuptial vow till death do us part.

Spiritual isolation to the truth is a step in ignorance, while ignorance is one of the episodes of apocrypha and the conductor or error. Error becomes the custodian of illusion, while illusion is indispensable to the sepulchral of eternity. Earth men, what you are going to read in this exposition are transcendental philosophies of reality, culminating in the consummate possibility of making a divine preferential possibility an ecclesiastical possibility. It however transcends mere religious dogmatism which is fixed firmly on emotional sentiment and mental credo. Do remember that every truth starts as blasphemy and he who understands a hidden truth according to Abraham Lincoln, is a lonely man.

Love is love in every era; marriage is marriage in every century. Divorce is also what it is in every generation. What does this mean earthman? It means that every possibility in a particular era is a possibility in every era and every possibility in every era is a continuous possibility. This assertion under divine auspices will bring us to the profound understanding that the union of the masculine and feminine genders constitutes oneness and completeness.

As you read on bear in mind that where there is error, there is no vision; in a situation where error is the yardstick or reed for measuring spiritual reality, wisdom is seen as strange visitor and thus must be persecuted. I know I shall be persecuted very soon by dogmatic clergy men who have refused to advance within the framework of spiritual consciousness. Here lies the works of the Holy Spirit in accordance with the principles of dynamism in ecclesiology.

From the biblical beginning, the divine union God brought into being between Adam and his wife Eve was a profound one. Consequently, Adam’s mind reached a higher level of spiritual consciousness through the principles of divinity and undying propensity he found in Eve while Eve’s mind gained proper courage via the qualities in the mundane Adam. This is the union of earthly reality. Thus they had great harmony through combined love and efforts. This is the beginning of the allegory of divine marriage.

Both Adam and his wife according to Genesis account were happy. In the words of M.B Eddy, “…happiness is spiritual, in most cases beauty, wealth or fame is incompetent to meet the demand of affection when the union is not spiritually progressive”. This is yet to be appreciated by many who are hitherto bemused and perplexed by the principles of modern marriage.

Let us recast the Edenic account briefly to consolidate our averment. In Genesis 2:18- 19 and 21 to 23 the Bible states: “And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him a helpmate for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them, and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof…, and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept, and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof, and the rib which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man.”

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It becomes evident from the foregoing that God made a provision for Adam. Yes He made a choice for him because Adam had no knowledge of any woman in life. Adam needed a partner but had no choice hence there was no provision for such. The desire to have a help meat made God to make provision for Adam, and he was happy.

May I use this juncture to inform my readers that if Adam had claimed one of the female animals as a wife the reverse would have been the case today in our world.

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