Higher philosophy of Christian marriage (5)

Hypocrisy and error which are the grand sons of ignorance have made some deceived minds to endure the marriage they ought to enjoy.

Nathan Uzorma Protus

“Good day my brother Uzorma, I wish to thank God for what he used you to do for me. Today made it two weeks that my wife that was called barren by so many people due to her inability to give me a child after seventeen years of marriage had a baby boy. We have been mocked by so many and were called names as well. However, my wife contacted you and you asked us to order four bottles of your oil; thereafter, the prayer was given to us. We followed your instructions very strictly and God gave us a baby boy after the whole thing. We are very grateful to God for giving us a baby boy and by making my wife fruitful. Our God is a good God my brother and may He be praised…”

– Mr. Goodman. Email gedlusima2012@yahoo. com

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“Bro Nathan, I am very happy to share this testimony with you but as you publish it withhold my contact please. I lost my wife last year and my in laws accused me of using her for money rituals because of God’s blessings upon me. They asked me to do many funny but fetish things to prove to them that I am innocent; all they required from me, I did still they were not convinced. They wanted me dead though my late wife was reporting every single quarrel we had to them which prompted their action against me. They consulted a native doctor who later informed me of their plans. They will secretly get into my house and plant charms to kill me, in fact, I have been living in fear for some months now till my friend introduced me to the testimonies in your column; I thereafter contacted you and you asked me to order the oil and to observe the prayers therein. Prof, I did as you instructed me I was shocked to notice that three of them who went to Benin City to consult a witch doctor to kill me got the charm quit well but on their way back to Onitsha, they had accident and died before one of them finally died, he confessed in the hospital and asked me to forgive them for all the evils that they have done against me…May the good Lord be with you sir.

– Chief Ben O. (contact withheld)

Hypocrisy and error which are the grand sons of ignorance have made some deceived minds to endure the marriage they ought to enjoy. When they (hypocrisy and error) have fulfilled their obligation in the midst of the modern Pharisees and Church legislatures, they send them to the grave untimely and it will be attributed by them to be ‘the will of God.’ What a misconceived biblical understanding! The adherent to this ignoble philosophy will always call hypocrisy and error divine will of God. It is high time the true Christians in consonance with the power of knowledge and reality fight the good fight of faith by annulling the invitation made by the modern master of ceremony in Christian cycle (hypocrisy and error) by being objective to reality and matters that concern matrimony.

One should never follow the deceived to be deceived. Many married people are enduring their faith because to them divorce is not inherent in the propagation of Christianity. Some of them have prayed God to either take them out of human existence or destroy either the feminine or masculine sex in order to be free. When the answer to such prayer fails to be positive, such one will be thrown into emotional confusion because the union is bereft of (Joy, love, unity, harmony, and peace) the nucleus that lubricates harmony. Obviously these are couples that go to Church and speak in tongues; they may even pray for one another in the light of good spirit for God to change them. Thereafter, another problem may emerge and they will continue to live in disharmony.

Now if at the end nothing positive happens, they will die in error and suffocate in patience and religious hypocrisy. Don’t forget that the word of God is true and at his point, I wish to inform you that the word of God has stated everything for us. The fellow who has the above experience should know that God answers prayer of the saints if he continues to pray with the fruits of the Holy Spirit in his life, which include love, joy, peace, temperance, long suffering, faith, goodness etc (Gal. 5:22-23). In such a situation, God will not deny him an answer. If at the end the whole thing continues to be negative, let us tell ourselves the truth, there is no how you can be happy or manifest the fruits of the spirit when your spouse is manifesting all the negative qualities of evil forces. Man is man!

When there is no joy, peace and love between you and your spouse and when every effort put to get those good qualities realized fails, the fellow becomes like a wild traveler that has no destination. At this point, the salt the hallmark of the relationship or the bound that holds the union has lost its Saviour and thus is good for nothing. Christ taught: “ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost his Saviour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” Matt. 5:13.

Hope you understood the paradoxical cum metaphysical and biblical mystery explained by Christ in the foregoing Biblical portion? When the salt loses its taste it will be good for nothing than to be cast out and to be trodden under foot which symbolizes ex-communication or divorce and even separation. It could interest you to know that hypocrisy and error or ignorance which appears to be the leading spirit in some denominations will still encourage some persons to make use of the salt that has lost its taste to build a solid foundation thereby compelling them to endure what is unendurable and unacceptable in human spiritual development. When the salt loses its savour, Jesus said it is good for nothing but ignorance which is the ancestor of error says it is good for something. This is the stand of some top church leaders in the world today.

A man once visited me to share his matrimonial problems with me, he told me, “this problem has taken me to more than twenty eight men of God, yet…” When I inquired to find out what was the matter, he opened up by saying, “my wife wants to kill me, she is a woman that I love and care for. She is now fighting, abusing and denying me of my matrimonial rights, I don’t know what to do”. He further informed me, “the worst thing is that she is causing different problems in my Church” I understood immediately that he was a Pastor. I asked him whether he has prayed to get the problem solved, he told me that the problem is almost ten years old now and that he has prayed and fasted and has gone to many deliverance ministers and counselors yet “the problem has remained the same.” I urged him to come back with his wife the next day, this he did. As they were coming towards me, I noticed that the woman was two pools away from the man. This is a symbol of hostility and anger.

When the man opened up before me to talk, the wife was always interrupting him in deep manifested anger and never allowed him to say anything. At the end the wife said before me that she was going to destroy and ruin the man’s ministry. At this point the salt has lost its taste but the man of God was not willing to divorce her but needed her to be corrected. When I made the woman realize her mistakes, she walked out on me and gave no attention to my instructions.

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