Higher philosophy of Christian marriage (9)

In a higher understanding, God can destine two persons to be husband and wife. Every man is destined to a particular wife

Nathan Uzorma Protus

“I have been reading your article my brother Uzorma, but I never believed the testimonies until I tried it and became convinced. My case was a pathetic one, as the only son of my parents; I saw hell before I started seeing light in my business. My parent died long ago and left a very large piece of land for me which was taken from me for over 15 years now and because I have no strength in me to fight anybody, I left them alone and continued with my life. When I started reading your column, I then decided to try your cellphone number to report the land issue to you sir. After talking with you, I decided to order the oil and to observe the prayers, as if it was a joke, I went to the land and anointed it as you instructed. Prof, I was so shocked that the community sent for me after four days informing me that the family that took my land for fifteen years came and was pleading for forgiveness and demanded that I should come. When I went home sir, behold it was true and that same day I regained my inheritance. I am very grateful to God who made this very possible through the use of your oil…” – Chief Fabian, Email fabianmsu@gmail.com

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In a higher understanding, God can destine two persons to be husband and wife. Every man is destined to a particular wife; the misunderstanding of this is the major root of divorce. When a man marries a woman destined for another person, such union will produce divorce no matter the time in history. If the parties are truly born again then the Holy Spirit can amend the mistake if the need be. Any marriage imbedded in destiny will destroy error, diminish crime, destroy the valley of sin, root out every mountain of selfishness and above all, exalt the civilization of good health by promoting love which is of God. Such union will never be put asunder.

The Bible asks, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3. The answer is NO! Two cannot walk together except they agree. This agreement however, is transcendental. It is not agreement that two people are forced into by their pastor. Be informed that any agreement that is not born of destiny will foster error in any matrimonial home. Two cannot walk together except they are destined to, in such a case; both sexes will experience happiness and endure whatever subordinate destiny has for them. At the risk of repeating myself, such union can never be put asunder hence they are cosmologically destined to form a union that will foster the propagation of human consciousness.

Marriage by destiny is a marriage where both sexes were destined for each other. Two cannot walk together except they agree; this signifies a profound destiny where two people are primordially destined to live together as husband and wife before they met to get it actualized via the will of God and divine providence. The actualization of this union however, depend solely on the qualities which both sexes exhibit which becomes the hallmark of reality. If the qualities are of the same sympathetic vibration in accordance with the will of God, then such persons are meant for each other or suited for each other in this lies destiny. Then is fulfilled the verdict of Christ thus: “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder”.

Bear in mind that if ignorance was the master of ceremony on your wedding day and error officiated the joining and you are not destined by the will of God to marry the partner you are about to put away. Such marriage is bereft of primordial approval thus what error joined together wisdom shall put asunder. The earth men will appreciate the above statement when all false conceptions and interpretations are removed from the words of God.

Many thought that “What God hath joined together” refers to the wedding day when prayer for solemnization is made. Be informed that wedding is not marriage rather it is a superficial agreement sealed by the church men which may not invariably graduate to marriage proper. For many wedded couples are yet to enjoy the honey that flows from the garden of marriage. “What God hath joined together” has little or nothing to do with the profound meaning inherent in the Church man’s interpretation of marriage. God does not make any mistake as his theology properly implies.

Divine or destined marriage reverses the false interpretation of church errors. The impossibility of attaining perfect understanding in any Christian home has absolutely eliminated the divine but meta-theology imbedded in the truth of the gospel. God can never destine two errors to live together; it is man-made law that initiates it. Church man, I have seen an error in the church of God, double error on the altar; it is the coming together of two un-destined (man and woman) errors in holy matrimony in the holy place and I returned to myself to find out if this is the matrimony of the consummation of happiness, alas, I discovered otherwise. This is an abomination that invokes desolation. “Two are better than one…” Ecc. 4:9, the wise man Solomon stated but it must follow the true divine process.

That which God joined together is a transcendental union where the required conditions for complete love and harmony are planted. Whether the church or the civil law approves the union makes no much sense in terms of spiritual reality. This assertion however, does not abolish the consent of civil law or that of the church in this connection. A particular union that God joins together will via inner attitudes of the couples receive a higher consecration which will produce wonderful spiritual blessings for the concerned man and wife.

“What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder…” That which is not joined together by the lord must be put asunder. No man can put asunder a destined union, no condition whether ‘tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword… Nay in all these things we {the union caused into being by the will of God and destiny} are more than conquerors through him {God that initiated it} loved us” Rom. 8:35-37.

Hear the silent voice of a destined marriage, in terms of problems, poverty, and trials of life both of them (man and wife) would say, “For I am [we} {are} persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities nor powers nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our lord”. Rom. 8:38-39

No third person can come in between this destined union. It will never even occur to them to wish for separation. The reciprocal harmony God initiated in their midst, will never permit such repugnant exercise like divorce to come between them. If any proposes divorce he will not be able to carry it out consequent upon the primordial union that forms the subjective yardstick of the relationship. No man indeed can put it asunder.

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