Home Exercise You Should Do To Burn Fat Rapidly

Home exercise you should do to burn fat rapidly

Exericse is essential in our everyday live.Exercise is a great way of reducing our bodyfat.
When we wake in the morning, we need to exercise to get the body active for the day.
Exercise helps to burn fat in the body which helps to keep the body healthy.
Exercise also helps to keep the body weight in check, if you don’t want to add to much weight or you are looking for a means to reduce weight then exercise is a good way forward.
In my own terms, I will say exercise is a good medicine for the heart as it gets it to beat fast which puts it in a good working condition.

Now there are home exercise you can do in just 20-30 minutes to get your body pretty active for the day.

Home exercise you can do to burn fats are;

Push up

Skipping ropes

Jumping jacks

Bodyweight squat

Leg raise

Sit up


Now I will explain in details on how this exercise should be perfomed.

Push ups-

Push ups is also known as press up. it is a good exercise which guys use to build their chest.Ladies also do push ups but I don’t think it has much impact on them but it is a good way to keep fit, being able to push your own body to some certain level.
While doing this you will for sure notice that you are already sweating.Now if you don’t know, those sweat are fats which you are burning while doing push up.
So I say when you wake in the morning, do 5 set of push ups for the guys and 2 for the ladies.

Skipping ropes-

This exercise is something else.The rate at which it gets you sweating and your heart beat racing is on another level.
Now you might think skipping ropes are meant for kids only or the guys could also say this is meant for the ladies but from my own point of view it’s not.
This is an easy home exercise which you can do to burn fats.
All you need in this exercise is a skipping rope or any long rope.
To get the exercise pretty intense, then you have to doing more reps with the skip.Probably around 50-100 reps.

Jumping jacks-

This is an exercise which almost everyone did during their childhood
but you probably don’t know it’s called jumping jacks.
Now jumping jacks is an easy exercise to perform.You just need to jump up spreading your legs and then bring them back in to it’s normal position. So the jumping jacks is a continuous move.You can count while you jump but I continue the move till am exhausted so you should give it a try.

Bodyweight squat-

In this exercise you will not be sqauting with anything other than your body.
Squats helps to builds your legs and focuses more on your laps which in bodybuilding terms is it called QUADS.
Now any type of sqaut exercise you do definitely will heat up your nervous system,making you to sweat more which is you burning fat.
So bodyweight squat is a good exercise to burn fat.

Leg raises-

Leg raise is a good exercise to burn fat and to target the abdominal muscles directly.
Now this is how you perform leg raise.
Lie down on your workout mat or on the floor, raise your two legs up to the celling till your butt is off the floor. Drop down your legs slowly above the floor then back it up again.
Note- Your legs shouldn’t touch the floor till you’re done with this exercise.

Sit up-

The sit up exercise is also an abdominal workout.
So this is how you perform the exercise.
Just lie on your workout mat,keep your knee bent and feet on the floor, then place your hands at the back of your head and make sure they are not locked so as not to strain your neck by putting more pressure on the neck and less tension on the abs.Now your hands are placed at the back of your head,move forward with your upper body squeeze and contract your abs.You can go like 15-20 reps.This abs exercise works both upper and lower abs.


Here your fore arm and your toe will be at work putting tension on the abs. So place your fore arms on the same width with your shoulder then your feet a bit apart and not joined together.Withstand atleast a minute or 2 or more to keep fat burn

Source: http://www.dietfitelt.com.ng/home-exercise-you-should-do-to-burn-fat/ https://ift.tt/eA8V8J

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