October 21, 2021


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How parents help their children as schools resume

As your children resume school this September either as first timers, promoted to the next class or advised to repeat the same class, your emotions may be all over the place, but this is just a little heads up to enable you make certain informed decisions before it is too late.

If your child is between two to four years, they should still be in play class or nursery. This is to enable that child learn the basics of speaking, paying attention, sustaining attention span amidst playing distractions, sleeping and eating.

Allow your child go through their primary school classes one step at a time, especially primary 5 and 6. Children who skip primary 6 to junior secondary school struggle to catch up most times.

The fact that your child is very brilliant in primary five or because their mates are leaving to secondary school does not mean your child should skip primary six as well. They could be overwhelmed in secondary school. They might struggle, find it difficult to cope and this can be frustrating for the parents and the child.

It is hard to swallow the fact that your child has been advised to repeat a class. You are not only worried about the financial implications, you are also looking out to save your child from feeling embarrassed that his juniors will catch up with him and you already made up your mind to change school so they don’t remain in the same class.

If your child has been advised to repeat a class, its what’s best for the child. Do your best to make your child see reasons why they need to repeat the class so that they can improve academically. Put in the effort as a parent, keep a close eye on their school work, employ a good lesson teacher. If you must change school for your child, it is best they repeat same class in the new school. This will enable them understand how important it is to put in the work for good grades.

If your child is finding it difficult to cope academically, you may consider taking his or her class a step down. Yes, if a child in primary 4, 5 or even 6 is performing repeatedly below average, do not pad anything or sugarcoat their reality. Ask questions, be present in your child’s life, seek professional advice as guide. Your child may need to step down a class so as to come up to speed. 

It doesn’t matter if your neighbor’s nine year old child is about to start secondary school. You are not in a competition with your neighbor, neither is their child with yours. Any unhealthy competition will be to your child’s detriment and you will only realize when it is too late.

Due to work’s tight schedule, comfort and unnecessary competition, most parents make the mistake of enrolling their children in school very early. There is a difference age makes in a child’s development. It is not wise to enroll your child into secondary school at the age of eight or nine as they may find it difficult to measure up academically. They may be easily overwhelmed with their academics and fitting in with their fellow students. Your child should be ready for secondary education between age 10 to 12 years. It is important that you allow your child be in the right class for their age.

There are reports of parents who bribe class teachers or school proprietors to manipulate their child’s grades in their final report booklets. A child with lower grade of may be 80% in mathematics or English language out of nowhere tops the entire class in the final released result. The child even gets a prize gifts at the end of the academic session at the expense of those who merited the prize. This is hitting an all time low in a child’s education and such should never be condoned.

Let no one take your child’s glory. Be a part of your child’s education. Monitor their progress and grades. Go through their academic work from home and class works,  continuous assessment, examinations etc to avoid any form of short changing. If you find out that your child’s grade has been tampered with, take it up with the appropriate authority and insist they do the right thing. Evil only thrives when good people play dumb. 

Do not be intimidated or shamed into silence if you know your child is doing well. This can damage you child’s approach towards academics and life generally. What’s the essence of putting in their best when at the end somebody else with less grade tops the class?

If as a parent you are guilty of giving kick backs to have your child’s results manipulated in their favour, then ask yourself to what end? You need to hide your face in shame as you are setting your child up for failure. You do not love that child, you are raising a total liability to humanity and it will not be long before you regret your own actions. If your child needs academic intervention, quit lying to yourself and bribing their way through. Go about it the right way. Give them the support to enable them study smarter and harder.

Lastly, learn to celebrate your child(ren) when they excel no matter how little, it boosts their confidence. Correct them in love, adopt the carrot and stick approach. As schools resume nationwide, make conscious efforts to be a part of your child’s academics. Don’t just leave everything to their school teachers, nanny, lesson teachers or school management. Your child needs you to pay closer attention to their school work and progress.

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