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A Benin-based Medical Doctor and Chairman, God and People Prayer Parliament, Dr. Dele Oluwatade, yesterday, examined the state of the nation and described it as “Functional confusion per excellence”.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, he advocated for a Parliamentary system of Government and a split of the country to eight regions, with President Muhammadu Buhari transmuting to Prime Minister, stressing that the option would save the country from imminent Penticost of violence.

Dr. Oluwatade who named the proposed regions as North West, North East, Midwest, South West, South East, South South East, Middle Belt East and West regions, warned that no ethnic group will own Nigeria if the violence breaks out as the country will end up in pieces.

In this regard, he called on the Retired Generals Association of Niheria to advise their colleague in power in a way that should engender security and property of the country,

Dr. Oluwatade stated that there is still time for President Buhari to restore his name and restructure the country, warning that if he doesn’t do it another person will do it and take the glory.

Outlining the advantages of Parliamentary system of government, Dr. Oluwatade said Nigeria, a borrowing nation that has nothing to export has no business in running a Presidential system of government.

“A massive borrowing nation is warming up for awareness on Presidential style of campaigns and elections, meanwhile, youths are out of school due to ASSU strike and JAMB is conducting another exam to admit another set of youth into a locked system, and government is sourcing four trillion. Functional confusion per excellence.

“I wish to restate my views that PMB should transmute to a prime minister with immediate effect; constitute a Parliamentary government Committee. Create an 8-parliamentary regional government.

“I know the President will redeem his public image by restructuring Nigeria and thereby kill many birds with this one wise political stone”, Oluwatade added.

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