‘How we’ll vote in governorship, presidential elections’

“I think most people are tired of the present government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, and this might affect whoever his party gives the governorship ticket.”

Akinbo Peter, Barber

In my own view, APC at the national level, I mean President Muhammadu Buhari, with the situation of things in Nigeria, ordinarily should not be re-elected in 2019. He promised while campaigning in 2014 that within three months, his administration would decimate Boko Haram insurgency and equally fix the economy. But going to four years in the saddle, Boko Haram, which they claimed had been technically defeated, to me, has become more daring by killing even more soldiers and intensified its bombing activities. Apart from the insurgency, the wanton killings being carried out by suspected Fulani herdsmen in the country are very alarming. Yet, our president appears helpless and has failed to protect the lives and property of Nigerians, as he swore to do. It is therefore embarrassing for the APC-led FG, to deploy 30, 000 policemen, 17,000 men and officers of the NSCDC, operatives of the DSS and battalions of military, for the election in Ekiti State, yet, herdsmen are roaming freely and killing the people with so much impunity. To me, PMB has proved he is not for all Nigerians, but for a particular section. Therefore, he has nothing to offer in 2019 and should not be re-elected again.

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And in Ogun State, I am not surprised at the situation where people have suffered misgovernance. Forget about the road construction, human capital development has been relegated to the background. Health, education and agriculture sectors in the state are comatose. Look at how flood ravaged Abeokuta recently, despite the claim of massive infrastructure development by the incumbent administration. To me, I want a change of party in Ogun next year; APC has failed us.

Egbeyemi Rilwan, retired technocrat

For the betterment of this nation and the development of Nigeria, Buhari should carry on and rescue this nation from wreckage. People are complaining that the president has not been able to fix the economy, what does he want to fix? This is a country that is fully dependent on importation. You cannot control what you don’t produce. Crying and talking about the economy, what betterment did we get in the last several years about this so-called economy they are complaining about? To me, I feel Buhari is working to revive the economy. We should not deceive ourselves; there has been massive corruption in this country. Take Customs for example, we were told that in a particular year, it raked in N162b and only N2b was remitted to the coffers of the government. Look at JAMB too. The annual remittance in the past years was N500m highest. And within the first one year of Prof. Ishiaq Oloyede, appointed by PMB, the annual remittance skyrocketed to N7b! Buhari gave out bailouts to states so that they could pay salaries and quite a number of them used the fund judiciously.

As for Ogun State, well, except somebody wants to deceive himself or herself, I am seeing a lot. The road network is okay. Civil servants complain of cooperatives deductions, but their salaries are paid regularly by the state government. Pensions are paid as at when due, it is only gratuity that takes some time. The massive infrastructure development of Abeokuta gladdens my heart as an indigene. We know how the capital city was some years back; kudos must be given to the present administration. The governor cannot come back, but I hope whoever takes over from him will continue in his footsteps. We have tested political parties in government; personally, I want APC to continue at both the federal and state levels.

Popoola Olaide, Grocery store owner

My view about 2019 is that President Muhammadu Buhari will win, whether we like it or not, this is because of the power of incumbency. So, whether we vote for him or against him, he will still be declared winner. This is Nigeria.

In Ogun State, however, I think most people are tired of the present government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, and this might affect whoever his party gives the governorship ticket. I foresee another candidate from another party succeeding Amosun in 2019.

Olusegun Solomon, Mobile phones dealer

Buhari should continue beyond 2019 because level of corruption in Nigeria has reduced drastically. But in Ogun State, we don’t want APC again.

Banire Isaiah, Commercial motorcyclist

Personally, I don’t subscribe to President Muhammadu Buhari’s continuation in office beyond 2019. This is mainly because the government has failed to deliver on his electioneering promises it made in 2015. The economic situation has become worse under his watch. As if that is not bad enough, herdsmen have engaged in senseless killings, yet, the government has no solution to the issue. Boko Haram is still there, kidnapping, banditry and highway robberies are on the increase. So, I don’t think the government should be voted for to continue for another four years.

As for Ogun State, though the governor has done well in terms of road construction, we can all see that. But because of some factors, I don’t see APC winning again next year.

Lekan Bamiro, Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) gubernatorial aspirant in Ogun

Why would I support Buhari for a second term, when my party has a presidential candidate? Look, we have seen the two dominant parties in action; they have proved to be bereft of ideas, capable of taking our country to the heights. New leaders are ready to take over the mantle of leadership from the old and tired leaders. What have we gained from past governments? Even Buhari, who celebrated signing of Not-Too-Young-To-Run law, did that to pacify the youths, but to me, that is a Greek gift! You want young people in politics, but to pick a governorship nomination form from INEC is nothing less than N5m. So, what is so special about the law? Enough of their antics, the youths of this country who are not lazy as Buhari claimed, are ready to take over as from next year.

In the state here, no doubt, APC has nowhere to go in 2019. My party has been mobilising to ensure that both PDP and APC are kicked out in 2019.

Enough of the deceit, we are ready and capable to take our destinies in our own hands.

Titilayo Atanda, Meat Seller

Buhari should continue what he started in 2015. Nigerians should allow him two terms so that the impact of his administration can be felt by Nigerians. Four years are not enough for any meaningful governance to take place. So I want Buhari and APC to continue governing us in 2019.

What I wish for at the federal level is what I want in Ogun State. Governor Amosun has proved that here. I only hope that his successor in APC will be able to continue his giant strides in government.

Noah Oluwo, Butcher

As I did in 2015, APC and Buhari will have my vote in 2019. If not Buhari, who? Is it these looters parading themselves as leaders? No way! Yes, insecurity issue is germane, but I suspect that most of these killing are politically sponsored to discredit Buhari’s government. And the economy too, but the present government cannot be totally blamed for this. Immediate past administration was only patching the economy, but the huge money spent by it at the last election, contributed to our present situation. With another four years in the saddle, Buhari, I strongly believe, will turn around Nigeria.

In Ogun State, APC government has done well, the party should continue in office, so that the developmental strides of the present governor can be sustained.

Bolaji Akinpelu, Public Analyst

First of all, I don’t think PMB deserves another term due to failed promises of the party he belongs to. The party, in its manifesto made a lot of promises, but three years down the line, 80 percent of that are yet to be fulfilled. I know that in a very short time, they cannot achieve most of the promises, but by now, there are things I expect Mr. President to have done, such as setting up institutions, deepening democracy, because he is a beneficiary of that courtesy of past government. But I don’t think he is competent to take Nigeria to the Promised Land. He tried three times to become civilian president, and out of sympathy and his show of passion to serve, I voted for him in 2015. So, three years on, to me, he has failed. If I am to score him now, I will score him 20 percent. So I don’t think he deserves a second term.

Coming to Ogun State, it is a mixed bag, because the man at helm now has turned himself to a mini god. I don’t subscribe to governors to be anointing a successor; that should be left for party people to decide. If he tries to force down any candidate on the party, that is not democracy but autocracy. Actually, the governor has not justified why he should give us the next governor. All that the governor has done, to me, is just a facade. He did road, yes, but other sectors have suffered neglect. Other parts of the state too have been abandoned. So, like Buhari, APC does not deserve our votes again in Ogun State.

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