husband catches NAKED wife and lover in the act

IT’S awkward enough when your husband catches you getting it on with another man – but even worse when he then puts the footage online and it racks up millions of views.

This clip shows the moment some poor guy appears to catch his wife bang in the middle of a cheating session with her long-term lover.

It starts with the man unlocking the door to his apartment and switching on the light, showing a woman sprawled naked on a sofa with another man.

He sets his key down on a surface asks the pair what they are doing, before asking his partner for a divorce in an unnervingly calm way.

“Please give me a divorce. I don’t want to deal with this anymore. I’m done. I’m done with you,” he can be heard saying in the background of the video.

He addresses the naked man, saying that he knows he’s a good man and that “it’s all good”.

The bloke walked in to find his wife naked with another manAWKWARD: The bloke walked in to find his wife naked with another man

He then goes on to say how the clip of the naked pair won’t be seen by anyone but the judge at the divorce hearing.But that promise obviously went out of the window, because the clip has ended up online and has been viewed over two million times since it was uploaded yesterday.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube by a user who appears to be the jilted lover.

The clip was captioned: “Caught my soon to be ex wife cheating with her long time lover. I hope to use this as evidence in my court case. God forbid if anything bad happens to me or I die before the truth comes out.

“I’m just really tired and frustrated of being quiet, while her whole side of the family thinks I’m a jerk-off or some dead beat dad.”

It’s not the only infidelity caught on camera recently, either.


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