“I married my husband because of his money!” (3)

“One morning my husband bade us farewell, he was off to Europe on a business trip and was going to be gone for 10 days.”

Efe Anaughe

“How do I tell my husband that the man I told him was insignificant, that I lost my virginity to, is his son? I was so muddled up. It was a no win situation.

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I stayed awake all night but by morning I was no closer to a solution. I decided that it was wisdom to be quiet as long as Lesedi did not attempt to re-hatch anything between us. We could pretend we were just meeting for the first time. That was my mistake; I should have said something to my husband.

In the few weeks that ensured, I tried my damn best to avoid Lesedi. One morning when Kagiso and Dingane stepped out, he to work while she went shopping, Lesedi boldly came into my bedroom. I was still in my negligee, which was very transparent and sexy. Lesedi looked at me hungrily but try all I could, I couldn’t resist him and before I knew it… we had made love on my matrimonial bed several times that morning.

I was like someone who had been walking through the desert and he was the small bottled water I found in the sand. He was also insatiable. That was the beginning of my clandestine affair with Lesedi, my husband’s son. We took every chance we got and when it was time to go back Kagiso left amidst tears and hugs. We had grown to be good friends but Lesedi chose to stay, he said he would like to settle in South Africa and this made his father very happy.

Dingane decided to bring his son into his business and teach him the ropes. Now things went on pretty much the same way for a while. We took our chances until nemesis or God or whatever you choose to call it caught up with us.

One morning my husband bade us farewell, he was off to Europe on a business trip and was going to be gone for 10 days. I thought, 10 days of fun. Who said you cannot eat your cake and have it? I thought I had the best of both worlds; all the luxury and comfort with cooks, stewards and drivers and I also had the man I loved.

Like the biblical foolish rich man, who after gathering wealth decided it was time to relax and enjoy and God then decided it was time for him to face his maker. I basked in what I believed to be my intelligence and ability to balance my two worlds not knowing what was in store for me.

As soon as my husband left for the airport, Lesedi came boldly into my room, after showering together we barely made it to the bed, where we made love. Lesedi was on top of me when my husband walked in, calling my name. We had forgotten in our rush to lock the door. I saw my world come tumbling down, as my husband looked at me first in shock, then outrage. He turned and walked out of the room.

When we were both decently dressed, he sent one of the stewards to fetch us. There and then he disinherited his son and asked us both to leave his house. Lesedi was unperturbed because according to him, he loved me and would do anything for me but I was numb. At this point I didn’t feel anything. I couldn’t. I was in a state of shock.

We moved out, I had no place to go. Against the express wishes of my parents, I moved in with Lesedi. My parents tried to find out what was going on but to no avail. Life wasn’t rosy and being cut off from Lesedi’s inheritance was affecting us. We could not pay our bills and things were pretty rough. After a while I had, had enough I went back to my husband and begged him to take me back. It wasn’t easy but he finally agreed with some new rules and conditions. My credit cards were seized, I was monitored 24/7, the easy rapport between my husband and I was gone. Dingane also warned me that if I ever told anyone what happened he would kill me.”

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