Many of us did not originally choose our current legitima


te aspirations, we just simply found ourselves sunk and deep into them.

Though as humans, we are in control of our choices and actions, our destiny sometimes finds us wherever we are, regardless whether we are unwilling. This is the story of Okeke Chibuikem Sinclair, founder of Clairhub, a fast growing cryptocurrency trading company in Nigeria.

Cryptocurrency trading has become a global business platform, with billionaire Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX and Tesla revealing that he had bought up some bitcoin. But it would never have appeared as a journey any young and ambitious entrepreneur in Nigeria would desire to venture into.

However, after developing interest in one of the most digitally-complicated enterprise, Sinclair established Clairhub, which is growing as one of the trusted and reliable platforms used to “generally send money and buy crypto to facilitate money transfers around the globe”.

When asked recently if his growing up had played any part in his decision to go into the business, Sinclair disclosed that he never envisaged to be involved in what he is doing today.

“Not really I  found myself developing interest in crypto I never thought I’d be in the crypto space”,e responded the CEO of Clairhub.

On the outlook of Clairhub for the rest of 2022, the digital expert plans on consolidating and expanding to other West African countries.

“I’m looking to launch my app since we’re handling a lot of orders manually we’d want customers to be able to swap coins using our app.

“Focus on creating a relationship as well as expanding our community with   People who are not familiar with crypto.

“Expanding and being a notable exchange platform in different  west African countries like Ghana etc.

“Generally sending money and buying crypto to facilitate money transfers around the globe,” the Clairhub boss stated.

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