I’m blind, but I have vision, says visually-impaired gospel singer

Zika Bobby

Visually impaired at age four, Uchechukwu Kings says the only time he regrets being blind is when people pity him and offer him money like a beggar.

The Imo State-born gospel singer, at an event in Lagos recently, where he sang and played the keyboard flawlessly, said exploitation from various quarters almost frustrated him, however, his trust in God has kept him on the musical path to make people happy.

“I was born 40 years ago in Lagos,” he said. “When my mother discovered that I had problems with my vision at the age of four, she was heartbroken. She couldn’t raise me all by herself, so she took me to her mother. I never had a proper education, but I discovered that I loved music. One day, I begged my grandmother to buy me a keyboard, which didn’t come until years later.

“I started playing without an instructor. I felt the hand of God in my life, so I decided it was going to be gospel all the way. I believed God used His angel to teach me music, so the only way to show appreciation was to play to His glory. I am married to the best Edo woman in the world and we are blessed with three wonderful kids. I teach people how to play the keyboard and most times they wonder if I am actually blind,” he said.

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The Idiato South-born singer said at age 10 he had mastered the keyboard and started playing in his church.
“Today, to the glory of God, I perform at weddings and church events. Presently, I am working on my new song, which is a medley. I also do jingles,” he said.

Kings said he was faced with a lot of challenges, as some of his close friends exploited his condition to make money off him: “Just because I am blind doesn’t mean you should pity me and give me money. I am happy when I earn money. It makes me feel like a human being. Some have used this avenue to exploit me. Like I always say, if you cheat me, can you cheat God?”

“During the first-term campaign of Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, I did some jingles and later people started congratulating me for a job well done. They said they heard my jingles and that they know I must have made a fortune. I was so surprised that I had to call my agent, who told me that nothing came out of it, that I was being lied to. I also did something for Delta State government and it was still the same old story.

“Sometimes, I find it difficult to raise money for studio sessions. But I thank God that there are still some who work with me with the fear of God,” he said.

The singer is neither losing sleep nor faith, as, according to him: “God has always been my inspiration. Because I have absolute faith in Him, even when cheated, I am blessed. Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision. I am blind with a vision, a vision to be the best in life.

“I have done over 50 songs and I intend to put together something unique that people will love. The work is almost done and, by His grace, it will be my New Year’s gift to Nigerians. I pray that one day I will get the opportunity to sing alongside Don Moen and Steve Crown.

Their songs touch souls. That is where I want my music to be. I want to use my music to teach life, morality and the fear of God. We live in a sinful world. It is time we changed it and brought everyone nearer to God.

“Those who have cheated me in the past, I have forgiven. I want my music to be played in every home around the world. I wasn’t happy that I didn’t get the chance to perform at this year’s Experience 13. I sincerely wish the chance would come in 2019. I love Pastor Paul Adefarasin. He is one man that God is using to touch so many lives. Let these great men of God always have space for people like us who are blind but filled with the spirit to do wonders,” he said.


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