For the past four years, actress Omalicha Elom has remained single and lonely. Now, she’s dying to love and be loved.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the leggy movie star lamented the difficulty of living without a man in her life.

“I’ve been single since 2018, and I am not lying. It’s like I have been bewitched, because even I don’t like any guy at the moment. In fact, love doesn’t interest me anymore and I just don’t know why. I was in a relationship before. He’s a good guy but I couldn’t marry him. I didn’t love him anymore. The love just died. He cheated on me once but I forgave him. After him, I wanted to stay single for a while, but I’m feeling lonelier than ever now. I have not had sex since; I swear, not even a kiss. I find it hard to just open up to any guy. I must at least like you enough to kiss you. However, I hope to find someone worthy very soon. I don’t want just anyhow person. The most comforting part is that my mother is always praying for me. She counsels me, saying I should be patient,” she said.

The Anambra State-born diva also expressed her disappointment over her colleagues, who often bring their private matters to the public space. “It’s so distasteful. If only they can just learn to be as classy as Genevieve, Rita Dominic and the likes. You mustn’t stop and throw stone at every dog that barks. It is also true that celebrities’ marriages no longer stand the test of time, but I can’t relate because I’m still single. Anyways, they can try a marriage counselor or therapist to fix their homes,” Elom counseled.

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