From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja
The Presidential Candidate of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Mr. Dumebi Kachikwu has said that to tackle insecurity that is gradually ravaging the country, the budget of military should be sent straight to the president for speedy approval.
Kachikwu made this known today while unveiling his running mate, Ahmed Buhari in Abuja.
He added that the military needed to train 100,000  police and civil defence men and women in the next one month to contribute their quota in curbing  the insurgency bedeviling the nation.
Kachikwu called on Nigerians to raise up and make a difference in the forth coming general elections as nobody in the present administration is qualified to be elected into any office, adding that they have failed the country.
The ADC Presidential Candidate who further stressed that the next election would be based  purely on capacity, adding that it prompted his choice of Ahmed Buhari who is a man with same vision and out to rescue Nigeria from the present situation.
“We cannot continue to operate like this while our troops are being killed. They have families. Mr. President this is what you must do immediately if you want to save Nigeria. In a time of war military budgets should go straight to you without passing through a Minister of Defence.  In the short term the police and civil defence should contribute 100,000 men and women who will be trained in the next one month by the military to join the war effort. They already bear arms. In the medium term one million conscripts should join the army”
“It takes a minimum of six to nine months to train a civilian into a soldier and another 3 years for them to specialise in weapons use, so why can’t the government run with this, If the terrorists and bandits are recruiting people daily, the government must also recruit massively” Kachukwu emphasized.
“Our people can go back to their farms and communities and small businesses can thrive again. If you fail to do this, you might be actively fuelling the rumours that you want the terrorists to take over our nation. President Buhari as intoxicating as power might be please remember that honour demands that when you are no longer able to faithfully execute your sworn oath to your people and nation you must resign.
“I have dwelled on security today because it speaks to the oath of office every president must take” he added.
“Our nation faces myriad challenges all debilitating and our people are suffering. As we then approach the next elections it becomes important that we do not make the mistakes of the past. Several years ago, Nigerians were deceived into voting in the APC Government.
“They didn’t question the antecedents of those who were behind the party and who were selling the product. We have collectively paid a huge price and can never regain the years we have lost under this government. As we approach the 2023 general elections, it is disheartening to see the usual suspects present themselves again to the electorate
In his acceptance speech, the Vice Presidential Candidate, Ahmed Buhari pledged readiness to bring back the lost glory of the nation thereby bringing smiles on the faces of the Nigerian people.

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